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(Code Geass) Ashford Academy Underground

by Dreaper on March 26, 2010

in All,Translated Doujinshi

Here’s another Code Geass doujin, though this one might actually please non-familiars more than actual fans. Why? Most fans may not fully appreciate seeing the characters being used and acting like nymphs. Course maybe Im wrong. Either way, story aside, it’s a fairly decent doujin. The artwork is decent but the annoying abundance of censoring black bars is a bit of a buzz kill. They’re all but completely darkened out the juicy parts. But hentai’s hentai, so enjoy. ;)

ashford preview

Anyone else see tentacles extended out from a dark void? The horror – the horror.


On a side note, to other Code Geass fans out there, am I the only one who thinks the piercings would seem more appropriate on Milly or even Kallen, rather than Shirley?

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cool080 March 26, 2010 at 8:07 pm

cool add some more Mangas

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