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Code Geass – Code Eross 1-3

by Dreaper on October 18, 2009

in All,Translated Doujinshi

Another Code Geass doujinshi, this time around its a much longer read, and far more humorous if I do say so myself. With 80 different pages, this should definitely be a must-get for any Code Geass fan. A great thing about this doujinshi, however, is that you don’t really need to know anything about the show (Code Geass) to be able to enjoy the story. Its really quite ridiculous, and while someone more knowledge about the series would enjoy the puns and references, its still a fun read. code eross preview That’s both XD funny, and mildly disturbing, depending on how well you know the show…

In the series, the main character Lelouch get’s the power of the King, the Geass power, which is like a magical hypnotic power cast from his eye. In this story however, he’s learned he can cast it from his genitals. He dons the name Ero (Zero in the series, Ero I assume is pun at the word “erection”) he plans to take over the world with his army of sex puppets he used Eross on to turn into cock-hungry nymphomaniacs. Again, there are jokes and references throughout this doujinshi that you may not get if you’re not a Code Geass fan, but its still got its share of “xD” moments.


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