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Code Geass – Ura Youkoso Seitokai he

by Dreaper on October 25, 2009

in All,Translated Doujinshi

Yep, another Code Geass doujinshi. I know, I’ve been posting quite a few of these. Fans would appreciate that, but Im gonna try to steer clear of these for a couple days at least, to help even things out a bit. This one, like many others, doesn’t really have much plot to it. Shirley is raped (?) by Milly (Mirei in this) and Nina. They do it for her sake, as they think it’d train her to be better equipped for admitting her love with Lelouch (spelt Lellouch in this). As with most most doujinshi, this is most appreciated by fans of the show, however Im sure someone not aware of it would be able to enjoy it. Theres no plot you need to know about to really get it, as the story is pretty straight forward to sex. However, if you’re not into yuri/lesbian scenes, you wont like this. Its 100% female-on-female, as far as sex scenes go.
Note: There is censoring in this, in the form of multiple black bars stripping out all the good parts.

code geass ura preview

Wondertwin powers, activate! Take form of: strap-on! And now I wait. :twisted:


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