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Code Geass – Violent Waves of Ashford

by Dreaper on October 19, 2009

in All,Translated Doujinshi

This should be a real treat to any of you Code Geass fans out there, this sexy little scenario based off the series, has the Ashford school president, Milly, is given a very unique Geass ability.  To those not aware of Code Geass, “geass” is a magical power typically cast from the users eye, and no two powers are the same (some can alter your memories, some can read your thoughts, some can make you obey any command, ect ect). Her power seems to awake the inner pervert in those it is cast upon, and make them do lewd sexual acts together. Now that may not be exactly what her power is, but it all ends up the same way: people having sex with one another. As a big fan of Code Geass myself, it’s hard for me to think of how a non-fan would like this story. If you’re not aware of the characters and their history together, you certainly get the same effect from it that a fan would. But Im sure, fan or not, anyone would enjoy this doujinshi.

violent waves preview

What is a king without his lovely ladies at his side?

violent waves preview 2

This is a scene that many Code Geass fans have been dying to see happen for a long time now.


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