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Grateful Dead

by Hamlet on December 27, 2010

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This doujinshi is inspired by the anime show Bleach. I have to admit, I was a huge fan of the show when I was younger. Just when I was younger…i swear…. Anyways, I love these knock offs, because admit it, you always wonder what those girls look like naked. This is brought to us by Nikopondo, who I haven’t seen much of, but I’ll be on the lookout for more after seeing this one.


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Sky February 9, 2012 at 9:49 am

Some good addotiins @ Aaron: Thank you — and yep, they do take a while to digest .@ Bob Brancato: Cheers — and good luck!@ Steve Nguyen: I agree about Leo. Also, having worked with and met Darren Rowse twice now I can also say that he is absolutely as humble and down to earth as he appears on ProBlogger.@ Sean Hodge: Ah, email… I wrestle with that demon every day .@ Steven Finch: Thank you!@ Blogging Magazin: I agree — I think Robert Scoble is the perfect example . But I will point out that did say ‘most’ top bloggers invest in a professional looking design, certainly not all.

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