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:: Ratings Guide ::


What are these ratings for? Every writer has a different style. Some wouldn't notice a title's sounds or artwork or detail of the hentai scene. Others love to concentrate on a certain aspect and could go on and on about whatever it is that struck their fancy. Because we don't want to force one type of writing style in Hentai Neko—lest the authors lose their personalities—each contributor is given the chance to rate the various aspects of an anime, game or manga so they do not have to go into so much detail (or be stuck writing about something they don't care to discuss). This way, readers still get to have a general idea about every element without having to wade through so many words.

So please don't ask me how graphic the sex scenes are, or how pretty the girls can be if you don't see me writing about them in detail. Please look at the individual ratings (in yellow) below the review. Those speak louder than words.



  • Overall Impact - How the anime/manga/video game has affected you as a whole. This is not the average of all the individual ratings.

  • Art/Animation - How did the artwork strike you. Is it beautiful? Is the animation smooth? Or did they use cheap CG effects?

  • Story/Plot - This includes depth, originality, and how the scenarios were pieced together. Take note, a dumb comedy may not have much in terms of plot but if the entertainment value is high, then the script writers were doing a good job.

  • Characters - Very important factor in defining whether the anime/manga/video game has a lot of potential. However, there are many titles that have solid character designs that are wasted on a mediocre plot.

  • Sounds - This includes the background music, theme songs, and the voice acting of Japanese or American seiyuu. If you have hentai translated in another language, you can still use this rating to gauge if the international voice actor did a good job.

  • Gameplay - Feel of the game while playing. Battle system and replay value fall under this criterion.

  • Ecchi Level - Perhaps the most important rating inside Hentai Neko. This tells you how graphic the sex element in the anime/manga/video game is. This one has a slightly different system from the rest of the criteria as this doesn't follow the paw legend below. Ecchi Levels are simply: 10 = very graphic; 1 = mostly implied sex.


10 - Hot Seal of Approval - A Legend!
8 - Great Entertainment!
7 -
6 - Like beer, requires an acquired taste.
4 - For the terribly horny and desperate!
2 - Donate your money to charity instead...