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Nine O'Clock Woman Nine O'Clock Woman Nine O'Clock Woman Nine O'Clock Woman

9 O'Clock Woman dvd
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Title: Nine O'Clock Woman
Genre: Sci-Fi / Action
Credits: Kitty Media

Cover Description: Miki Katsuragi has finally landed her dream job, as an anchorwoman for the nine o'clock news. Unfortunately, this pretty reporter with a spotless reputation has a very dark secret. She's addicted to masturbation, and she can't stop for even a second!

When she is caught using a vibrator on the air by the cue-card holder, she's in real trouble. He's not above a little blackmail, so she's completely under his power. Not only does he show her what the real thing is like, but he also installs a remote-control vibrator into her panties for fun on the air!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.13.2002)
One over Shusaku!
Smarts, beauty, self-confidence…Ah, the very essence of a woman that losers would've loved to defile! What a perfect wet dream subject Miki Katsuragi makes. She's got just about everything that grown men want but only a few with actual balls can hope to partner with. I don't even know if the creator of this anime realizes that the "smarts" fail to be seen when one portrays the story of a supposedly intelligent woman being duped into eternal subjugation brought about by a silly little thing as a sexual blackmail. I mean, if I were in her place, so many methods of retaliation come to mind. Like for instance, biting off the offender's penis and then reporting him to the management. Who are we kidding here anyway? Would the management believe a mere clapper/timer's word over mine when we know full well that I am the star of the show? But I am not Ms. Katsuragi—thank gawd for that! Oh well, let's just leave our beloved creators to their wet dreams…they make lots of money out of it anyway, so who are we to complain, ne?

That being said, I think Nine O' Clock Woman is a pretty decent hentai title anyway (Goodness! Was that an oxymoron I just uttered?). Damn, those vibrator quickies she would take inside her room turned me into a nervous wreck! Talk about being affected by a hentai anime! I honestly worried that she would be caught masturbating until I suddenly remembered that I was watching hentai and that she'd probably get more than her fair share of punishment in frames to come.

The animation may be a bit choppy if compared to latest releases like Black Mail: Tomorrow Never Ends and La Blue Girl Returns, but the artwork is still pretty even in year 2002 standards. 80-90% of the anime is made up of hentai scenes, which start off with shocking display of dildo usage—they come in all shapes and sizes—and eventually gearing towards human contact. Lots of it. Yay, Ms. Katsuragi, you graduated from being a hand-driven nympho to somebody's love slave! What a great feat! Seriously, though, Nine O'Clock Woman never lacks for heavy doses of fornication so if you're planning on purchasing this title for the sake of…stress relief, I can guarantee this one will make you sore.

Much as I hate blackmail themes in anime, knowing hentai villains' penchant for coming up with lousy blackmail material, I must admit I found this one amusing. It's certainly above Shusaku in the most important aspect: the bad guy is actually a looker! At least this makes Miki Katsuragi's simple-mindedness somewhat forgivable.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9