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Adventure Kid Adventure Kid Adventure Kid Adventure Kid

Adventure Kid DVD
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Title: Adventure Kid
Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi
Credits: Anime 18

Cover Description:
Vol 1 - When a World War II ear computer is unearthed outside his home, computer game whiz Norikazu thinks that he's found a rare piece of computing history to play with. But Norikazu gets more then he bargained for when he unwittingly releases the encoded spirit of the machine's creator, Masago, who now lusts for vengeance against those who betrayed him: his wife and the sadistic army officer who raped her before his eyes.

Now Norukazu and his girlfriend Midori are sucked into Masago's mad, computer generated world. In Midori, Masago has a perfect proxy for his long dead wire and only Norikau's love for her can save them both from an existence of eternal atonement for the sings of Masago's own failed life.

Vol 2 - As the mad Masago has been destroyed delivering the real world from his computer generated nightmare, life can now revert back to normal. Not quite....

Masago's universe still exists and Norikazu's computer can still open a doorway into it. Embarrassed that his own son is now the servant of a mere human, the King of Hell dispatches his inept agent Mephisto to bring Kingan home. Couple this with an arrogant classmate who wants to steal Midori away from Norikazu and an extremely frustrated Eganko who wants to steal Norikazu away from Midori and you get the weirdest sexual sitcom you've ever seen!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.15.2001)
I thought it was supposed to be comedy ^_^;;;
Well it is because sometimes you can't be sure if the adventurer is Norukazu or Midori. Norukazu seems to be the one unleashing unwanted energy (in the form of ghosts, evil omen, destructive classmates), while Midori is always the object of someone's perverse attentions, which can be sometimes so violent they cause disasters. They get into so many misadventures while they go "world-hopping", meeting peculiar adversaries, and later teaming up with the most unusually horny species ever introduced. I enjoyed watching hell minions go against pure evil spawned by misplaced anger on earth.

So what else is inside this title? Well, there's one poor teacher who's the subject of a Midori fan's frustrated sexual displacement. There's saving the good doctor and keeping him from becoming a vengeful spirit. There are also reflections of the past, future and present, how they merge, and how to set things right. Old-fashioned honor get to work, putting you in the place of a certain miserable character who later goes into self-flagellation after finding out that it's his own fault that the world (or at least Japan) is being destroyed by his hatred.

This is indeed hentai because people get horny at the most inappropriate time when they're supposed to be worrying about more important things. There's also S&M, tentacles and whatnot. The only thing a hentai fan can complain about is the lack of detail in some of the ecchi scenes.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 6