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Anime Fiction
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Title: Anime Fiction
Genre: Miscellaneous
Credits: MMG

Life's Description: Erotic Anime Parody. See your favorite anime heroes indulge in their deepest sexual fantasies. Watch them climax after climax. 45 minutes of non-stop erotic action. Absolutely recommended to hardcore hentai lovers!!! After the incredible success of "ANIME FICTION 1", you favorite anime characters are back hornier than ever. If you thought that volume 1 was shocking, you might be surprised by this new issue!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Life (10.20.2002)
Let's Go Screw.
After Digital Anime's entrance into the hentai anime world with "Anime Fiction," featuring fated meetings with characters from Cowboy Bebop, Love Hina, and I's, we get the second volume of this badly voiced series.

So what do you get in Part 2?

The guys from Saint Seiya doing some purple-haired woman.

A ménage a trois featuring the X-Men's Wolverine, Storm, and Jean Grey. I hope it is Jean Grey. It better be Jean Grey. Rogue may look good, but sex with her is a death wish. Waitaminute... What happened to Cyclops, Jean?!

Fushigi Yuugi's Miaka and Nuriko ending up in a magical Chinese setting where Tamahome takes the former into his arms and proceeds to screw like rabbits. Uh... What about Yui? Why Nuriko the cross dresser instead of Yui?

The fourth clip (of four) features Saya from "Blood, The Last Vampire" getting raped by some random vampire beast.

Once again it's a "hand job special" where you, the horny viewer, witness the amazing who's who of anime going at each other. This type of production is about the same. Bad dubbing if any at all, CG coloring, undetailed sexual organs... And all the "good" art is wasted in the bonus section. But at least they aren't shoving StarBallz down through your throat.

The extras include a WHOLE LOTTA skin slapping between characters from El Hazard, Escaflowne, Vandread, Nadesico...skip a few...and a nice treat from "Dead Or Alive's" Kasumi and "Street Fighters'" Chun-Li, who is a dick-girl for a totally unknown and probably sick reason.

Art/Animation: 4 Story/Plot: 1 Characters: 5 Sounds: 1 Ecchi Level: 10