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Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better

Anyone You Can Do...DVD
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Title: Anyone You Can Do...I Can Do Better
Genre: Comedy (or at least, it tries to be)
Credits: 2004 Blue Gale / Digital Works / Y.O.U.C.

Larghaz's Description: Tutoring a girl with big breasts is what a lot of guys dream about, and that's just what Yusuke was hired to do. But what happens when both mother and daughter start fighting over him? Watch and learn Yusuke handles this delicate situation.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Larghaz (06.12.2006)
Who Ordered the Recycled Frame Special?
One look of the two leading ladies and it's obvious that this title is based on the game "Milk Junkies"; but do not be confused with another title: "Milk Junkie".

The animated version follows the story of the game pretty well. Yusuke, is hired by Reina to be her tutor. Noticing her large breasts, he “blindly” accepts the job. The first time he for an appointment he meets Reina's mother who has even bigger cannonballs than Reina. What happens during the sessions is what you would expect. Yusuke teaches Reina for a few minutes and starts feeling her up. The next visit, Reina's mother seduces him. It boils down to mother and daughter fighting over the same man. Yusuke is then “grudgingly” subjected to a sex battle between the two to decide who he likes more.

Thankfully, these kinds of plots are only found in hentai. It makes me wonder what kind of simpleton comes up with two bimbos fighting over the same person and trying to one-up each other in terms of sex. Granted that a lot of guys would love to be in this situation; they can keep on dreaming. Not only is this plot unbelievable, it is also incredibly predictable. Just by listening to Yusuke's inner dialogues, we know what will happen next.

A character driven plot doesn't do well when the characters are as plain and one sided as these three. Yusuke is the generic pervert who will do anything as long as they have big melons. Reina is your typical mindless girl who will do anything for a guy she likes. The mother is incredibly lax even for someone who sees her daughter having sex with someone she just did.

The art style of the animation tries to follow the game as closely as possible, but comes a bit short. The faces of the characters definitely resemble the ones in the game. The girl's bodies are incredibly well endowed. Exactly what anybody can expect from a title literally translates to "Explosive Bust Mother and Daughter." A good thing for the artists is that both women have the same sizes so they can just change the heads. But the repetitions don't stop there.

If more proof is needed that Vanilla's animators are getting lazier, look no further. You see the same thrusting, rubbing, sucking, and fondling motions in every sex scene for both episodes. The positions are unimaginative and unoriginal; they border on boring. The best scene for this title would be the threesome between the three main characters and even that was half-assed. Screenshots from the game show the characters having sex in places like swimming pools and parks. That would've been a great addition to the poorly done love scenes. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of lazy animators.

The idiotic story, poor art, and redundant love scenes make it difficult to recommend this. People who are desperate to see two women with over sized funbags fighting over a perverse individual who obviously only likes them because of their bodies (see: their boobies) will definitely enjoy this. Fans of the game should definitely stick with the game and its sequel.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 4 Sounds: 4 Ecchi Level: 6