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Beat Angel Escalayer Beat Angel Escalayer Beat Angel Escalayer Beat Angel Escalayer

Beat Angel Escalayer DVD
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Title: Beat Angel Escalayer
Genre: Drama/Fantasy
Credits: 2002 Alice Soft / Pink Pineapple

Larghaz's Description: When the forces of Dailust are on the move, it is up to Sayuka Koenji's alter ego Escalayer to protect man kind. But she isn't alone in this fight. Madoka, her robotic "sister" who also acts as her maintenance supervisor, and Kyouhei Yanase are there to help her. Escalayer isn't just your usual Sailor Moon type super heroine; she's a cyborg. Inside her is the battery-like Doki Doki Dynamo that enables her to become Escalayer. The Dynamo needs to be recharged time and again, and to do that Sayuka must get sexually aroused. This is why they have Kyouhei.

Prepare yourself evil, for Sayka Koenji's heart beats stronger and stronger to become the world's protector: Escalayer.

HN Opinions
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Larghaz (06.08.2006)
If Sailor Moon were hentai... and a Cyborg
When an H-anime has its own animated opening sequence it can only mean one of two things: either production is high quality or production is high quality but is still garbage. Fortunately for Beat Angel Escalayer, the latter is not the case.

Based on an H-game with the same title. The story revolves around beautiful bespectacled Sayuka Koenji who is a normal school girl. Until the forces of Dailust attack. She then does a Sailor Moon-esque transformation sequence to change into the pink-haired battle maiden Escalayer. What keeps her apart from other beat the enemy type female hero? Her Doki Doki Dynamo, the source of Escalayer's power. Sayuka's "sister", in a manufacturing sense, says the Doki Doki Dynamo has to be charged up to work. This is where Kyouhei Yanase comes in. He's Sayuka's childhood friend and neighbor. He's tasked to make Sayuka "Doki Doki" so that she'll be ready to fight evil. But as the story progresses Dailust reveals their trump card.

The art of Beat Angel Escalayer is just spectacular. The women look fabulous. The backgrounds look like they're taken from non-hentai anime. The animation is also top-of-the-line and truly adds to the overall "umph" that this show delivers.

In terms of sex scenes, Beat Angel Escalayer almost has something for everybody. It has love making, normal rape, tentacle rape, battle rape, hermaphrodites, close-to-lolitas and menage a trois. Most of the scenes have something to do with the story as the make Sayuka feel "Doki Doki" (excited). The genetalia are properly censored so they only cover the organs themselves. But that does not mean that the scenes are any less better, they still retain their intimacy and gravity.

Beat Angel Escalayer has an interesting story based from the original game, incredible art and animation and a well rounded variety of sex scenes that are incorporated into the plot which of course means fun for everyone.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 9 Sounds: 10 Ecchi Level: 9