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Anime Manga Girls Anime Manga Girls Anime Manga Girls Anime Manga Girls

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Title: Best of Dojins - Anime Manga Girls
Genre: General Hentai
Credits: Dojin Land

Cover Description: The adult "unseen before" version of the most famous anime characters. See for yourself what those anime avengers will do to satisfy their desires. Sexy, kinky, pervert... insatiable famous female heroes who will stop at nothing to get what they're after.

Don't wait to share the most intimate moments of those animic celebrities... this fresh parody from Japan brings unprecedented fantasies to the anime world. You won't forget this shocking experience, so be warned!!!

Skysenshi's NOTE 2: Finally was able to get some screenshots thanks to my fiancé's bro. Still from VHS, so they really don't look too pleasant. But at least they're available for viewing.

Skysenshi's NOTE: Sorry for the lack of pictures. I saw this on borrowed VHS and couldn't capture screenshots. It's not also released in the English market so I couldn't get the cover image. I'm still trying to get more info.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.27.2001)
"The Entertainer" background music plays in my mind...
Have you ever seen an old Charlie Chaplin film where the actors mime and the viewer has to rely on subtitles to understand what's going on? That's precisely what Anime Manga Girls are. Since I've viewed the raw Japanese version, of course you can understand that the subtitles are in Nihongo. Not that you'll have to worry about that once you've gotten hold of the tape, because many of the "stories" featured are completely silent and devoid of any text representations. In these parts, you'll have to rely on your imagination to surmise what's happening. I believe this is one of Anime Manga Girls' strengths, because while most of it is just plain plotless and just filled with anime girls concentrating on felatio, the few that do seem to have narratives (such as Ranma, Magic Knight Rayearth, etc.) give you a chance to actually be creative on your own.

The first two Ranma episodes have artwork that are remarkable replicas of the original. Unfortunately after the first sex, the art goes downhill from there. The hentai aspect, on the other hand, is just what anybody would get from Japanese releases: mosaic'd / whited-out genitals. This is one of the reasons why I've used the fast forward button so many times. The pixelated cock-sucking scenes are too many and far too long.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 5 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 9