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Bride of Darkness Bride of Darkness Bride of Darkness Bride of Darkness

Bride of Darkness dvd
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Title: Bride of Darkness
Genre: Sci-Fi / Action
Credits: Pink Pineapple, Kitty Media

Cover Description: Sanshiro is only a servent's child, but he loves the daughter of his Master, Momoyo. All he can do is watch Momoyo from a hole in the ceiling and count down the days until her fiancé, Yoichiro, returns from England to take her away forever.

When the fiancé does return, however, he brings not only separation for the poor Sanshiro, but also a curse of lust and sadism down upon the entire household! Sanshiro can only watch as a plague of lasciviousness infects Momoyo's sister, the maid, and all those who come in contact with Yoichiro. But is can this lust be natural, or does it hold the taint of evil? By the time Sanshiro finds out, there will already be death and possession, with the promise of a demon awakening to come!

A testament to the renowned Darkness series, Bride of Darkness combines intense erotic storytelling with theatrical quality animation to create an experience unlike any other.

HN Opinions
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skysenshi (07.15.2001 ed. 04.18.2003)
As pure and white as the driven snow?
The very first thing I noticed about Bride of Darkness is how the non-colored or sepia-hued background drawings and still images work with the animated characters for a more dramatic effect. The beauty of the combinations probably were meant to compliment the fact that the main guy, Sanshiro, is supposed to be an artist. These little facets also prove to be highly creative backdrops for effective foreshadowing of events.

Emotions such as love, lust, hatred and obsession are all emphasized by dark undertones similar to that of Rurouni Kenshin's OAV. The plot itself is very involving. You see everything in the eyes of Sanshiro—the blossoming of his loved one; the darkness in the hearts of the people around her; the sudden change in the overall atmosphere. You feel his helplnessness and you also feel his need to be of use. You feel his pain, his passion, and his frustrations—all elements that revolves around Momoyo. Everything that surrounds his thoughts and emotions are further enhanced by the enchantingly sweet but painfully sad music.

Apparently, Bride of Darkness does not let particulars be overlooked. They certainly don't skimp on the details, whether it's artwork, story or even the ecchi scenes. Truly, this is one worthy title to add to one's collection.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 9 Characters: 8 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 8