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Battle Team Lakers EX Battle Team Lakers EX Battle Team Lakers EX Battle Team Lakers EX

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Title: Battle Team Lakers
Genre: Shoujo / Action / Comedy
Credits: 1998 Apple Pie, Kamikaze, Beam Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Cover Description: Long Ago, the peaceful planet of Blade Star was destroyed by the evil Imperial Empire of Godram. Although most of the inhabitants were massacred, some of the Bladdians escaped with their secret energy source, the 'Super-Laker Crystals.'

Today, the Bladdians descendants live among us. When trouble arises they transform into their Laker Battle Suits and become...Star Laker: A lovely pop star, Kung Fu Laker: An angry loner, Judo Laker: A tough chesty tomboy, Soul Laker: A spiritualist beauty, Bunny Laker: She dresses like a large bunny.

Led by Blade Knight, who commands the 'Ultra-Space-Time Battleship,' these defenders become Battle Team Lakers to defend the Earth from evil forces. But an evil menace has reared it's ugly head into the Laker's lives.

Oleana, the evil Godram Commander/Domantrix, creates a plan to destroy the Lakers by stealing their 'Super-Laker Crystals' which are located in a very sensitive spot. Knowing all the Lakers crave the attention of Blade Knight, she created an illusion that gratifies their sexual fantasies for him. Before Blade Knight can deny anything, the girls are up in arms. With Oleana timing her monster attack during their 'guy trouble;' the Lakers have a true battle on their hands.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.13.2001)
The thought that I have to watch Battle Team Lakers EX again for better plot comprehension just scares the devil out of me. I still have to go through over 50 more hentai anime (not to mention games), so it's just too bad that my mind drifted off somewhere else while I was seeing BTL. I simply do not have the time to repeat the uneventful experience.

Perhaps the plot was just too simple, and what makes it too difficult to analyze is that it's not the type of anime that you would dissect in an effort to find deeper meaning. In other words, it's a no-brainer of the worst kind. Reading the cover synopsis above? Well, you'd better, because that cover synopsis tells more than the actual anime! Bah! Why do I even bother? I can just say I slept through most of it, which is true. Perhaps it was because I was tired and dizzy from work. Nah! That most plausible explanation for my disinterest stems from the fact that there weren't even "decent" ecchi scenes to make up for the lack of story and the so-so artwork. The only thing that had kept me half-awake was the observation that the school uniforms were obviously copied from Fushigi Yuugi. That's it. Nothing else out of the ordinary.

Oh, but it wasn't half as bad as Co-Ed Affairs, so I guess there's still hope.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 6