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Campus Campus Campus Campus

Campus DVD
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Title: Campus
Genre: Fantasy
US Release: 2002 Assemblage / Digital Works / NuTech

Cover Description: The dream of the past and an improbable future...

Night after night, Takakage's dreams take him away to another life. A life where a very special girl named Ayame is the central part of his life. Yet every morning he awakans to the disappointment of reality where his dream girl is only a faint memory. If only she was more than just a dream...

When Takakage has his fortune read his perception of reality drastically changes. It seems taht his dreams are more than just mere fantasy! He did, in fact, live 400 years before... lived and died... and...

Through the mists of time, spirits move freely and mysteriously. Souls who were once drawn together tend to draw together again. And, lovers can reappear in places where they are least expected!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Life (02.20.2003)
Reincarnated Souls. A~men!
My little "Hellsing" joke. And also, I wish for people to stop using the term "couple-friendly hentai." It should be called "porn with plot." The story is as equally important as the screwing. Or else NuTech Digital wouldn't have licensed so many titles (nearly rivalling Kitty's VHS releases).

On with the review. Four centuries ago Genshiro, a samurai soldier, makes love to his love Ayame before heading off to battle. And then we fast-forward to the modern times. We meet Takakage and Meiko as they have their fortune read by their childhood friend Mayumi. We also get to meet Shogo, Takakage's fellow sexfiend.

Mayumi uses her powers to her advantage, giving Takakage (and the viewers) her share of cheesecake. We finally get to meet a cute young woman who just happens to be named Ayame.

This show is composed of two episodes. The first part featuring the guys doing it with random chicks, the girls mastubating over Takakage, and your usual cheesecake. The second episode shifts its focus onto the story herein (as the "unwritten law of anime" states; to give viewers what they wanna see before settling into the plot). It's good in production terms; compared to MeiKing. The Right Stuf's "dubbing streetteam from hell..." Okay, okay! It's just the voice of the male lead who calls himself the "Razzinator" or whatever it is.

Hey! It was either this or their latest work, "Girl Next Door." Recommendation? Buy it, watch it, and enjoy.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 4 Sounds: 3 Ecchi Level: 6