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Cool Devices Cool Devices Cool Devices Cool Devices

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Title: Cool Devices
Genre: General Hentai

Cover Description: stifiably famous as one of the most extreme adult anime series ever produced, the Cool Devices series features a fetish for virtually every predilection, from S&M to B&D to incest. Some of the greatest talents in contemporary adult anime including Mon Mon (illustrator extraordinaire), Hiroyuki Utatane (Countdown), and Yasuomi Umetsu (Kite) helped create this series of 11 self-contained erotic stories. Art style, story and theme vary from episode to episode, but the general tone of hardcore erotica for fans of kink and the extreme remains constant throughout.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (early 2001 ed. 04.18.2003)
The first time I started watching Cool Devices, I wondered if I could stomach seeing the tortorous maiden episode. There were too many kinky stuff that seemed downright painful to watch, especially as most of these "devices" were used on female characters. Now, I understand my friend Rowena Lei 's lament that sometimes watching anime could be a chore, especially when you're only watching them for the sake of coming up with a decent review. Nevertheless, I continued on to the next few episodes. Some of them could be called "mild". However, these "mild" episodes have loads of incestuous themes that I ended up skipping some of them.

Despite the graphic depiction of sex in Cool Devices, I was surprised to see that this series has one of the most decent plotlines in hentaidom. Yes, all of them are tragic, I suppose. But you can't help but be touched by lives of every lead character. Cool Devices is a series of stories built around different perverted people from all walks of life. Every episode is about a different character with sexual experiences that really defines the word "hentai". There's a simple innocent girl, who is unconsciously starved for defilement, there's a rich young man who's secretly in love with his little sister, there's a private investigator with sadistic tendencies and a fetish for young nubile flesh, and also a superstar who owes a lot of people and knew only one way how to pay them. There are many more characters in the world of Cool Devices, and you can get to know them one by one. That is, if you have one heck of an appetite for excessive anime sex and can handle this package.

Aside from the story and the you-know-what, perhaps Cool Devices' strongest points are the beautiful art and animation, especially in the episodes Yellow Star and Fallen Angel Rina. I must admit it was this title that introduced me to other Umetsu works such as Kite and Mezzo Forte.

At the end of the series, you might ask yourself, "Hmm... which is better, seeing painful body piercings and female bondage or seeing siblings go at it like mindless rabbits?" My answer? I'd rather see male bondage for once. Well, if this is also your answer, then this is also the anime for you. Though most of the enslaved ones here are females, there are also male slavery for you female and gay hentai fans. For this reason alone, I must say, that Cool Devices really is the all-around hentai fan gift. Be careful, though, because this series makes La Blue Girl and Urotsukidoji seem like Sesame Street. Don't watch it if you're faint of heart. But I seriously doubt that you are.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 10 Characters: 9 Sounds: 9 Ecchi Level: 10