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Co-Ed Affairs Co-Ed Affairs Co-Ed Affairs Co-Ed Affairs

Affairs Boxed Set DVD
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Title: Co-Ed Affairs
Genre: General
Credits: Kitty Media

Cover Description: Three young women explore their sexuality, independent filmmaking... and each other.

A group of naive and curious friends, Moemi, Reina and Mitsugu, decide to document their first sexual exploration on video. As they learn more about their bodies, their video's theme evolves from a mere sexual documentary into an ultra kinky adult video. The young women are totally uninhibited and candid in their exploration of each other and in the erotic topics they choose to cover in their spicy little film.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.07.2001)
Too bad the lowest possible grade is 1 paw...
Words escape me in my attempt to describe the rage, annoyance, boredom and headache I suffered from this trash. Imagine this: You sit there for gawd knows how long and you wait for something to happen. And wait. And wait. And wait.

When you think you've waited long enough, you check your player's timer and realize that you're more than halfway into the title. My gawd! You ask yourself, "Will I ever see anything besides the narrator's eyes?!" If that wasn't bad enough, imagine yourself being subjected to looking at the worst depiction of genitals ever!

I don't exactly know what kind of audience Co-Ed Affairs is targetting, but it definitely isn't somebody who is not buried six feet underground. Co-Ed Affairs is made up of stupid dialogue and next-to-zero animation. I was staring at the irritating faces of Moemi, Reina, and Mitsugu half the time. What little acting they presented involved pissing in the most inappropriate places. If you're looking for some serious humping, you definitely won't find it here. I can summarize my reaction in one sentence, though: I'd like to jump up and down on the tape until it has turned to dust.

I wish I could give this a negative rating, but the lowest grade possible is only 1 paw out of 10. Too bad. I had set the standard, so of course I must follow through. No exceptions.

Art/Animation: 1 Story/Plot: 1 Characters: 1 Sounds: 1 Ecchi Level: - 6