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Desert Island Story X Desert Island Story X Desert Island Story X Desert Island Story X

Desert Island Story X
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Title: Desert Island Story X
Genre: Horror
Credits: NuTech

Cover Description: When Toko holds a party aboard her father's yacht little do her or her guests realize the disaster which will soon strike. For unknown to them, two robbers have taken refuge nearby after a recent haul. As Toko's cruise is about to leave the dock, the fugitives board and seize control of the boat right before everyone is caught in a storm.
The storm deposits them on a deserted island, and now the young women must contend with their captors, while fending off growing suspicions of each other...

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Anglachel (03.04.2002 - Runner-Up Entry, Feb2002 Contest)
Who said island vacations aren't theRAPEutic?

Kaneda: "Hey boss, we're stranded! Should we start gathering supplies and looking for a way to survive and escape?"
Ibuki: "Naw, lets go rape those girls over there instead."
Kaneda: "Oh, ok. Weeeeeee, me first!!!"

The above isn't real dialog from the anime, but it echoes the basic premise. Rape and humiliate innocent, nubile girl. Entrap and repeat with next girl. Perform nipple piercing, and...oh my!

I'll be honest and tell you that although this isn't the cheeriest and most attractive premise, great sex scenes would render the point moot for me. Unfortunately, the sex scenes, while somewhat varied are overall lacking any particularly stimulating or graphic scenes. Granted, the premise of degradation and violation is represented, but the lack of explicit detail makes them all the less...err, satisfying.

Character designs are all right, but not great. The girls are cute (complete with the rainbow of hair colors), but cute in a way most anime girls are cute. Again, nothing special here. The guys seemed more distinctive to me, though you couldn't exactly call them attractive. Character personalities and their interaction was somewhat interesting...there are elements of betrayal, deception and double cross that cause the girls to mistrust each other. There is palpable mistrust among the villainous males as well, but as a whole the story and characters are nothing great. Matter of fact, I found half the characters fairly irritating...its interesting when you don't like the villains but you don't really like some of the "heroines" either.

That said, this is anime porn, so a working story is just secondary, right? Exactly, which means the lackluster sex scenes would make or break the series for me, and in this case it just broke it.

Desert Island Story X is not a terrible hentai, particularly if rape hentai is your fetish. You could do much worse, however you could really do much better. Here's a test: count the number of times I used the words "somewhat" or "rather" in this review and you'll get an idea of how average I found this title. I would like to say that I purposely made this review sound boring to make a point about the title, but the truth is I just couldn't get very excited about it (ooo...pun not intended).

Its sequel, the creatively named Desert Island Story XX (that's TWO Xs!! Movin' on up the hardcore scale, woohoo!!!) seems to have higher quality h-scenes. Based on this series however, I'm in no hurry to check out its sequel.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 8 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 7