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Dragon Rider Dragon Rider Dragon Rider Dragon Rider

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Title: Dragon Rider
Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Credits: Media Blasters

Skysenshi's Description: Rike is on his way to become a dragon rider when he meets up with a beautiful blonde snip of a girl named Karisu. When the demon dragons lay siege to Karisu's village and destroys just about everything in sight, she has no choice but to go with him in the hopes that she might help him achieve his dreams of becoming a dragon rider. Karisu has a dark secret, however, and Rike is the only one who can help her fathom her past in order to understand her future.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (12.06.2001)
Soulmates...romance and chivalry!
Dragon Rider is definitely a good combination of fantasy and adventure, where dragons, knights, and beautiful princesses make up one fabulous fairy tale. It's light-hearted and fun, delving into subjects such as soul mates, romance, and chivalry. Nothing too serious, except for spirit possessions and the usual conflicts arising from titles of this genre.

The characters are another thing altogether. We have here another hero, Rike, who doesn't look like your typical h-anime protagonist. He's cute too, and not as hormonally imbalanced as most h-males are. He even tries to be faithful to his lover despite the callings of fate. But of course, you can't always deny your destiny. The female lead Karisu, on the other hand, is something special as well. Aside from her great form, guess what? She isn't your typical damsel in distress who ends up getting sexually abused by the dreaded enemy. She's also one of the few fortunate h-anime women who finds love at the end of the rainbow without having ever experienced the storm.

The hentai scenes are very detailed. I can guarantee that romantics will definitely look forward to the last parts where the lovemaking is slow, sweet, and languid.

I have one itty-bitty gripe, though. If you'll allow me a mild spoiler, I feel sorry for the lovelorn woman who eventually gets left behind without so much as a by your leave. She should've at least gotten a happy ending, just like the central characters, but this is just one of the unusual "fairy tales" where the princess doesn't get her knight.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 9 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 9