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Earthian Earthian Earthian Earthian

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Title: Earthian
Genre: Dark / Fantasy / Shonen-Ai
Credits: 1989-1996 Yun Kouga, Shinshokan, Youmex

Cover Description: Two angels descend from the heavens. Their purpose is to judge humanity - and each other. The first is Kagetsuya, an angel of vengeance with a heart of fire. His partner is Chihaya, an angel of compassion who has been cursed with black wings. Together they learn the meaning of Heaven's Wrath, Hell's madness and Humanity's faith. Embrace the passion and tragedy that is Earthian.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.22.2002)
Where's my yaoi?!?
WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead.

I swear I had been tricked. Duped. Misled. Deceived. Fallen into that trap of false advertising. The first VHS cover contained suggestive pictures of the yaoi kind, which was the reason I had hunted down this relic at our local Otaku rental shop. I needed my yaoi. I must have my yaoi. After long hours of waiting, it finally appeared in the middle of the third episode, and it didn't even last long enough to make a positive impression. So perhaps one can understand how every adjective that describes what I'm feeling right now keeps running through my head. There goes my hentai for this week. Sigh.

Earthian has 4 chapters of chosen excerpts from the lives of angels Kagetsuya and Chihaya, namely The Beginning of the End, Fallen Angel, Angelic Destroyer and Final Battle. To give a clearer picture of what to expect from this title, I dare say that Earthian is in no way episodic. This much is already obvious in the fact that the ending credits theme for each episode is never the same. Furthermore, there is a definite gap in-between acts so the first thing that a viewer would notice is that there are a lot of events unexplained. Earthian itself has a plot that isn't properly pieced together, episode-wise. Like for instance, I noted that Kagetsuya and Chihaya slept in separate beds in The Beginning of the End and Fallen Angel. Plus, Chihaya blushes and gets flustered over Kagetsuya's show of attention at this time. Suddenly, in the third act…whoa! They're in bed! Who? What? When? Where? How?

Characters who are alive in the first parts are abruptly nonexistent in the last parts—we just presume they're dead. Even Chihaya and Kagetsuya's change of status later on, as if it's a foregone conclusion, is just overwhelmingly a bolt from the blue. It's safe to say that each Earthian episode should probably pass for a mini-movie with its own story only remotely connected to the others. The only constant in all volumes is that Chihaya has some major issues regarding the nature of his black wings…and that he gives Kagetsuya a hard time cleaning up after his messes.

For all that guessing game I had to endure while I tied one act to another, every one of them has a rather decent story to tell about love and tragedy. You have two bio-androids running away from their creators in the first, a rock star's mysterious history in the second, and a man-made angel's desperate attempts at soul-searching in the last two acts. There is a mystifying element in every chapter that would make one curiously look for further information. Sadly, I am not suicidal enough to buy the manga, as my last preview of volume 5 shows that it is unfinished. Now why would I torture myself with that cliffhanger "ending"?

For a late 80s to early 90s anime, Earthian has exquisite artwork, especially in the third and final parts, which attests to the amount of time lapsed before each act, from the first to the fourth, was released. The most magnificent of the angelic lot are Kagetsuya the "negative" judge and Messiah the destroyer.

Now this train of thought leads me to my rant. Hold on to your flames, ladies, for I really have to say this: I despise Chihaya. How he could waste my erotic fantasy, ruining the ONLY love scene in there by telling Kagetsuya he is not in the mood, just plain escapes me. By way of example, let me just state that in one instance, a few days after Chihaya rejects Kagetsuya's attempt at lovemaking, Messiah gets hold of Chihaya and promptly proclaims to all his companions that he has found the love of his life. Chihaya blushes in the background, but notices that Kagetsuya has been drinking more than his fair share of liquor. Chihaya then asks, "Is there something that upsets you, Kagetsuya?" I blink twice. Of all the…! The man—yes he is a man, though he may look otherwise—is not naïve, as the anime is wont to project. The man is daft! (C'mon, what idiot would spurn the affection of a beautiful blonde Adonis who can seriously kick butt as well as whip up wonderful gourmet cooking?)

I have more things to say about how Chihaya rushes into every dangerous scenario, again without much thought, and ends up getting beaten up or rescued by the near-perfect Kagetsuya, but I won't bore you with the gory details. There's always the enigmatic dark angel Messiah and the drop-dead gorgeous Kagetsuya to concentrate on. Suffice it to say that Earthian just got a bit of my interest for the characters affect me this much. Too bad it's half-baked.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 1