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The Elven Bride The Elven Bride The Elven Bride The Elven Bride

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Title: Elven Bride
Genre: Fantasy / Comedy
Credits: Softcel Pictures

Cover Description: Mixed marriages are a tricky thing, so when Kenji, a human, and Milfa, an elf get married, the course of true love does not run smoothly... especially when it turns out that there's a certain difference in plumbing that makes it almost impossible from them to consummate their marriage! Thus, bold Kenji sets forth on a quest, seeking that ultimate marital aid, one which can be found only in the land of the man-hungry harpies. Can our heroic handsome hubby find the legendary liniment he seeks without being waylaid by a lusty pack of female harpies who want to flock around? And how will poor Milfa fare, left to wait in a hostile village full of prejudiced humans and vicious elf abuse? Toss in a rampaging double-headed dragon running amuck and you have a hilarious sword and sorcery misadventure that explains exactly why young lovers shouldn't marry on impulse... especially not when one of them's an imp herself!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Hentai fans may not find this title particularly interesting, since the love scenes are quite mild. However, as an anime fan, I must say I definitely fell off my bed laughing almost 100% of my viewing time. Kenji and Milfa's situation is really hilarious. I mean, what kind of stupidity allows a couple to marry without finding out first if their bodies would fit together? Oh well, that's love for ya.

There's also that sex maniac of a grandmother who steals energy from her bed partners. One guy, Kenji's colleague, was so filled with lust for her that he didn't even notice his body shrivelling as they made love over and over and over... Add the funny harpian race, the chubby hydras, and a ton of married women with interracial sex problems into the set, and you'd have one heck of an explosive comedy.

This title is more ecchi than hentai, though. Call it "soft porn." There's not much detail with regards to the sex scenes, as many of the private parts are expertly hidden from view. The animation and art aren't too impressive either, but they definitely made up for it with the story and the heavy doses of comic relief. I'd highly recommend this title for beginners in the hentai genre.

Too bad, Elven Bride only had two episodes. I wouldn't mind buying more.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 10 Characters: 9 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 5