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Erotic Torture Chamber Erotic Torture Chamber Erotic Torture Chamber Erotic Torture Chamber

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Title: Erotic Torture Chamber
Genre: Fantasy
Credits: France Shoin, Princess Lord Project, Kitty Media

Cover Description: On the mysterious continent of Lar, where dragons are as common as pleasure slaves, the evil and sadistic King Maryu plans his invasion and conquest of the Asronia Kingdom. At the center of his demented plan, to kidnap the young and beautiful Princess Yurii of Asronia, and break her spirit whle he turns her into his personal sex toy. With his very special training assistant, he intends to make Yurii his number one pleasure slave who will obey his every command.

Watch as Yuri endures the most humiliating training, the most degenerate sexual rituals, and the most erotic forms of torture!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (early 2001 ed. 04.21.2003)
One guarantee that l will watch a particular anime from start to finish is when I find at least one character that I truly like. In this anime, that favorite came in the form of Maya. Maya is the ninja bodyguard who looks like SailorJupiter but reminds me too much of the overly agile and protective SailorUranus . I also find the Demon Dragon King quite fascinating. In fact, if I were in Yurié's place, I don't think he'd need to resort to drastic measures to seduce me. He certainly had more personality and sexual charm than that wimpy prince Elias that Yurié was engaged to.

Unfortunately, the "like" I had for this title ended at that. There were no character developments. Worse, I thought I needed to buy a few more episodes because the ending was abrupt. WORST, there are NO follow-up episodes. If you think Maryu and Yurié might have had an interesting relationship, sorry. You'd be very much disappointed. I only gave this a 5-paws rating because I was so piqued by Maryu and Maya that I would definitely thank anybody who could write a fanfic about any of these two.

Any redeeming quality this title has? At the moment: NONE. Abrupt ending, no character growth, ok art...but the worst thing about this is that Erotic Torture Chamber might as well have been a regular non-hentai anime. Riiight. Not much detail on the sex scenes. Jeez, why did they even bother release this if it would only come out as half-baked?

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 8 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 1