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Haitoku no Shoujo: Family of Debauchery Haitoku no Shoujo: Family of Debauchery Haitoku no Shoujo: Family of Debauchery Haitoku no Shoujo: Family of Debauchery

Debauchery DVD
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Title: Haitoku No Shoujo - Family of Debauchery
Genre: Pure Erotica
US Release: NuTech

Cover Description:
Hiroko arrives at a beautiful mansion as a private tutor for a young girl named Yuki. After drinking some tea offered by Shizuka, Yuki's sister, Hiroko falls unconscious. Hiroko finds herself tied to the bed, naked. She cannot defend herself from being sexually molested by Yuki and Shizuka, as they insert sex toys into her available orifices, and perform various sex acts. Soon, the shocking family secret is revealed. Will Hiroko be able to defend herself? What will happen to Hiroko? Experience the sexual debauchery of the two sisters as they use Hiroko as their living sex toy.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (02.18.2003)
Debauchery it is!
Okay…a couple of females sexually abusing their private tutor. Not that I have anything against yuri, but I was preparing myself to get bored. I've always observed that men's ideas of lesbianism are rather bizarre but I pressed on. The title said "Family", right? So it can't just be a set of immoral sisters playing doctor with their teacher.

Wow. Imagine my surprise when this title threw in not one, but two twists into the story! After the second twist, things got so interesting that I actually managed to finish this one. There are just a few things that I'm a bit uneasy with. For one, seeing as this is about a family, you would obviously expect some incestuous situations. There's a saying that fruits don't fall too far from the tree. Whoever said this couldn't have been more precise. Second, when the cover description said something about inserting toys into all available orifices, they were not kidding. I kind of lose my enthusiasm when I start seeing ass holes (no pun intended) get tampered with. Yowch! I noticed, though, that the dominatrix Shizuka does not get her butt violated so I was almost wishing somebody would plow her hard and good in that untouched area.

Pardon the lack of non-sexual screenshots. It's because for a very short hentai feature, Family of Debauchery is filled with non-stop orgies. They didn't concentrate on the plot and all major plot twists are sexual in nature. I'm not saying it's bad, though. I mean, if you can't come up with a decent storyline, the next best thing to do is to overload your viewer's sexual fantasies. After all, h-anime are meant to titillate. Titillate it did…and more!

One interesting thing to note, though, is that Hiroko seemed to prefer Yuki over Shizuka. Any romantic inclinations coming along? I doubt it, but it is an interesting thought nonetheless.

As with other NuTech releases, Family of Debauchery has interactive menus, digitally re-mastered art and animation, animated photo galleries, and new release previews.

Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 7 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 9