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Fencer of Minerva

Title: Fencer of Minerva
Genre: Adventure / Fantasy
Credits: US Manga Corp.

Cover Description:
A spirited princess flees her kingdom to join her true love, the sworn enemy of her royal house. But misfortune befalls her almost immediately, and she is captured by depraved slave traders! Will her prince arrive in time?

No screenshots available (rented this on VHS, gome!). Would you like to contribute screenshots? Please post them via this link!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (11.04.2001)
A touching love story except for....
If the unedited version ever does get released in the English market, I would definitely recommend Fencer of Minerva to hentai fans over there in the Western part of the globe. It has a sweet storyline that really turns my romantic tummy into mush, and the sex scenes aren't all that bad either. For girls, it would be easier to relate to this title if you are familiar with romance novels such as those written by esteemed authors Johanna Lindsey, Jude Devereaux or Iris Johansen.

I am also quite pleased to see that the leading man doesn't fit the generic h-protagonists' template. Almost 90% of h-titles published have careless, boyish lead characters with brown hair and large round eyes. In Fencer of Minerva, Sho has blonde hair and quite a handsome stance. While his eyes does start off as large and round in the first two episodes, his maturity is emphasized in the third episode as his hair grew longer and his eyes slanted to settle to a more oriental yet sexier look. It doesn't hurt that he's so kind, gentle, and self-respecting either. He is an intelligent mix of innocence and justifiable arrogance—just the type of guy that many women will not mind sharing their wedding night with.

I did not give Fencer of Minerva a perfect 10 because of a few thrusts in this anime that didn't sit well with me. For one, I prefer the concept "partnership" to that of "slave and master". Second, it would probably be all right for me to accept a slave-master relationship provided that the girl gets to be master half the time. Third, I would fall in love more with Sho if he made an honest woman out of his princess Diana. Fourth, I don't understand why girls here choose slavery over freedom when they can stand side by side with the men the love instead of having so many rights taken off them and they content themselves with daily fornication. Fifth, I don't like the word "broken", not when I've seen a spunky sword-wielding lead female character such as Diana disappointingly turns into the pathetic doormat that defines most h-anime lead women. Improvement on these five points can definitely produce a more satisfying watch. If Jude Devereaux is able to reap millions of dollars out of her sexy novels despite the equality of status that her male and female characters share, then why not a hentai anime? Believe it or not, this formula can actually work.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 9 Ecchi Level: 7