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Fish in the Trap Fish in the Trap Fish in the Trap Fish in the Trap

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Title: Fish in the Trap / Osakana Wa Ame No Naka
Genre: Drama / Shonen Ai
Credits: Ranma Nekokichi

Skysenshi's Description: Yuuji Tsukamoto has been watching young Takahiro Matsui ever since the boy was old enough to remember. Fast forward years later. After landing only 3rd place in a rigorous swimming competition, Matsui notices Yuuji's perfect form in the pool. Yuuji wins 1st place in his division, which is enough for desperate female fans to stalk him. One such fan happens to chance upon Yuuji, right where Matsui is sitting, waiting for his friend, and Yuuji took this opportunity to use Matsui's "poor" swimming skills as an excuse to ward off the pesky girl. Yuuji brings Matsui to his usual hangout (read: a gay bar), where Matsui's eyes will be opened to the shock of his life.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.28.2002)
Where's the rest of it?
30 minutes of near nothingness. That is what best describes Fish in the Trap. I felt the anime has just barely begun when, much to my chagrin, the ending credits started rolling. I could scarcely understand what happened in there, and I ended up watching this title a second time just to be able to come up with a decent synopsis.

So what do we have here? Well for starters, we could define what the title "Fish in the Trap" means. It actually refers to Yuuji Tsukamoto's family problems, of him having to swim in the palm of his overly strict grandfather. Was he able to resolve it? Now, you have to get the manga to find out. What else? Well, Yuuji finds himself obsessed with Matsui for a sickeningly long time. Did anything significant happen between these two? Hm. Aside from a really disturbing "rape" scene that reeks of abstraction, and a cliffhanger ending where Yuuji is about to take advantage of Matsui inside the swim club's locker rooms… Something should happen. BUT you have to get the manga to find out.

Now, for the supporting characters. Yuuji belongs to a gang of men. They sleep (with each other), drink, and generally be merry. They meet Yuuji in the gay bar where he first took Matsui to. But other than them terrorizing Matsui with their scandalous fixation for alcohol, drugs, and sex, they only appeared at another time to have a spat with Yuuji and for at least one of them to swear that he will have his revenge. Does this person ever go through with his threat? You have to get the manga to find out.

Additional supporting character: Matsui's best friend Yoshino. He has more personality than Matsui since Matsui walks around like a catatonic with absolutely zero personality—as if nothing dreadful really happened. But is he able to help Matsui with his predicament, just so you could say this best friend actually had a role in the anime? You have to get the manga to find out.

There's nothing substantial in this feature. Sure, there are several steamy scenes, but I couldn't make heads or tails of them. The characters have potential, but they were horribly underdeveloped. As for the plot…30 minutes of near nothingness does not justify the making of an animated feature. It's a disappointment, plain and simple.

Good gawd, I have to get the manga. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 3 Characters: 5 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 4