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Five Card Five Card Five Card Five Card

Five Card DVD
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Title: Five Card
Genre: Horror
Credits: Anime 18
Screenshots: Life

Life's Description: : Daina Nariyuki, a sexy, young, English teacher, is planning to charm his way into four of his cute students, Lisa (Inari Vachs), Fumiko, Naoki, and Mimiko. However, Onikuma, the school dean, is already one step ahead of him with his own sinister plan...

What is Onikuma up to? What will Daina do? Will he get his girls? Will he also end up with his pretty new assistant, Mayu (Tabitha Stevens)? Follow the titillating adventure of Daina, and his sexy girls!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Life (07.23.2001)
I'm gonna send you back to school!
This is probably one of a few occasions where I write out a long review. So let me start by saying that this sexual romp through school is four episodes too long. Five Card is something out of what happens when you mix Shusaku with Lunatic Night.

So the show starts out with an introduction to the male protagonist, Daina. He's an English teacher who's yet another victim of the "cock-for-brains syndrome" (as male protagonist in hentai anime are). He's a prick, but not a heartless prick mind you; stating that he wants to take his time with the four "targets" he chose.

He gets a lot of practice with his new assistant and fellow college pal, Mayu. She has a "condition..." But you just have to watch the series to understand. I will say that she is the more three-dimensional one of ladies that Daina gets to do. She at least tries to defend herself when she gets captured by Onikuma, the principal of the academy who uses the run-down school building as the underground headquarters for his dirty deeds. He must have watched Shusaku and went, "Oh, I can do that too! And I'll do it better!" Anyway, this pig wastes no time in drugging up these captured girls and using them as prostitutes. And he's already made use of three of the girls Daina had his eyes on.

Saved from said carnage is a pink-haired bookworm named Mimika. And normally when you see pink-haired girls, one would instantly get sick from all the sweetness and cuteness that usually oozes from these types. However, she plays herself out really well, and it's a shame that she doesn't get as much "action" scenes as the rest of the girls.

The rest of the girls are basically here for "hand-job purposes" only: Naoki (the basketball player who's an airhead), Lisa (the class rep who uses her "love juice" on the box-lunches she makes for Daina; she's also an airhead), and Fumiko (the token "tough girl" that's included for the sake of inclusion). They get introduced as Daina's targets, snatched up by Onikuma, used as prostitutes, and then they meet Daina so he can the "power of love" as an excuse to have sex with them.

While not the best from NuTech, you can certainly do worse. The scenes play themselves out WAY too long, the standout English voices herein are from Mayu and Mimika, and the series is filled with "money shots" (with one from tough girl Fumiko). If you don't mind half the show nearly composed of Shusaku, Five Card is the best hentai for those who are sick with the regular "harem-themed" anime out there.

Art/Animation: 4 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 5 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9