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Flashback Game Flashback Game Flashback Game Flashback Game

Flashback Game
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Title: Flashback Game
Genre: Action
Credits: 2002 OMATA / Five Ways
US Release: NuTech

Cover Description: Mizuho, Noriko and Yuri set out on an exciting beauty spa vacation that Yuri won as a prize. Relaxing in the hot springs at the hotel of the spa, they dream about the fun and excitement that is sure to come, unaware of the vicious psychological trap that they are about to enter.

When they enter a new treatment pod at the spa, they see a flash of light and a vision of their suppressed memories. Mizuho's mind is suddenly flooded with the memory of her violent gang raping at the hands of her classmates. Yuri is reminded of her incestuous sexual abuse by her uncle.

Now, when they see a strange flash of light, they will be dragged into an alternate world filled with their traumatic memories and lustful, sinful dreams. Will sanity ever return to their lives, or will they be destroyed by their own memories?

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.09.2003)
The Real Orgy Training
If you're looking for an actual story in this three-part presentation, just read the DVD back summary (look above) and that's it. Don't expect any beating around the bush with this one. You will definitely gorge yourself in frame after frame of animated sex. It's obvious from the screenshots that I took that it's quite rare you will find the Flashback Game girls in any state of normalcy. They're always fucking—in their past, present and future. Whether it's your regular missionary position, or steamy lesbian loving, or your mild S&M fantasies, these women will live it for you. In fact, the villains' goal here is to have all three females become open to their bodies and sexual desires. You can bet your ass this goal is achieved, and the grand finale makes this more deserving of the title Orgy Training. A little precautionary note, though: there's a bloody anal sequence that had me looking at anywhere else but the screen.

The women are trademark hentai airheads, easily lured in by small gratification. They're so dumb, they have the can't-recognize-Superman-if-he-has-glasses syndrome. The sex crime syndicate, mild-mannered when playing good guys, would only need to wear masks to be unidentifiable. Here's what I find amusing of all. Noriko, who masturbates at the sight of her mother banging two men, cries at what has become of her beloved mom. Awww…I'm touched by such a haunting display of misery…

Okay, sarcasm aside. True to its title, this anime is all about flashbacks. Even when you've already seen that particular flashback, it will replay for you over and over. This results in several moments of boredom from someone looking for actual entertainment. Come on, anyone with half a brain knows how repetitive frames and scenes reflect on a lazily done product. And it's spread into three episodes to boot! Apparently, they're really milking their money's worth despite having so-so art, crappy English dubbing (thank gawd for DVD voice options!), and crude animation.

The last question in the cover description seems moot, don't you think? We all know that hentai with overly done plots like these tend to destroy their characters. Villains get their last laugh and victims meet their twisted "happy" endings. I really have no idea what kind of pleasure people get from endings like these. And I most certainly do not doubt a lot of viewers dig them if they run rampant in hundreds of hentai features. I just don't see why this is so…

Art/Animation: 4 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 4 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9