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First Loves First Loves First Loves First Loves

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Title: First Loves
Genre: Drama
Credits: SoftCel Pictures

Cover Description: The problem with love is that everyone has to have a first time, but poor Kakeru's trying to hit so many moving targets that he may never score!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (08.03.2001)
Automatic snooze device activated!
I can't believe how anyone who has actually seen the first volume can even stomach buying the sequel... unless you're an insomniac who has no other recourse because sleeping pills do not work anymore!

It must be the music. It really affects one's viewing because First Loves' BGM can actually lull you to Never Never Land. Add a boring, torpe (I wish there was an English word for this) but perverted dude with equally lifeless, not to mention mentally impaired love interests. Good gawd! Mr. Sandman's got you reeled in!

The cover says that Kakeru's trying to hit so many moving targets. Boy, that's a laugh. The guy fantasizes. There's a difference between being passive and being active. Practicing voyeuristic abilities don't count as being active either. He actually gets lucky, however, which completely baffles the sane mind. Not that it really matters, since the sex scenes aren't even detailed. Ho hum.

To sum it up: First Loves is a big mind-numbing, monotonous title with slow pacing, unimaginative music, and bland character design. By golly! I've read romance novels with more imagination than this one. If you want next to zero plot but filled with sex-every-minute events, I'd rather recommend Office Affairs or Four Play.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 3 Ecchi Level: 3