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Fruits Cup Fruits Cup Fruits Cup Fruits Cup

Fruits Cup DVD
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Title: Fruits Cup
Genre: Drama
Credits: Kitty Media / Milky

Cover Description: Riku Ohmi can fool every girl some of the time, he can fool some girls all of the time, and he can fool all the girls into his bed at the same time. Riku was asked to help with the girl’s swim team’s summer training when he finds some dirty videos of the girls Yoshino Nagisa and Matsuri. Not content to stick with the videos, he uses them as leverage to score some real action.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

EvilPants (09.15.2005)
Why did it all have to go so wrong? Please tell me why?
First things first let’s start with the name Fruits Cup... What the hell does it mean and what does it have to do with anything? I know titles don’t always make sense but at least they give you some idea as to what you’re about to dive into. I never even saw anyone eat a piece of fruit. Now that’s out of my system, I shall press on.

Once again I have been tricked into buying a supremely sub par DVD all because of the extremely misleading back cover story break down. When I first plucked the disc off the shelves, I read it and thought, “Ok, this sounds like it might be a cute little show. Some problem involving some suave guy charming his way into the girls pants or, in this case, swim suits, with some hidden camera voyeur playfulness.” Wrong!!!

Fruits Cup is just the latest in a line of blackmail themed “rape the stupid girls” shows we’re all coming to be far too familiar with. But this time the fetish isn’t maids, nurses, school girls or taxi drivers. Instead, it’s all about girls in one piece school-issue swim suits.

Our cast of characters:

Riku - The caretaker, soon-to-be blackmailer and rapist
Nagisa - The engaged bisexual team captain
Yoshino -The naïve virgin
Matsuri -The girl who really loves her brother
Shiori - Nagisa’s lady of the evening

The disappointment starts with Riku running down the street in a downpour and stumbling across a beaten and bloodied man that was just dumped from a speeding car. Riku immediately gets him to a hospital. In the hospital, he meets up with a mysterious associate of the man, who, in reward of saving the man, offers him the injured’s job as caretaker of some Inn. While getting situated in his new surroundings, Riku finds several boxes of hidden camera tapes of various girls showering and being raped by the former caretaker. He also finds the man’s “Rape Diary”. Now something I didn’t know, which I learned while watching this, was that if you say “team swimsuit” three times while watching videos of girls being raped will send you down the slippery slope of becoming a blackmailing rapist. Watch with caution gentle viewer.

The textures and coloring are dreadful. The show comes off very grainy but with a fairly cute warm look that reminds me a lot of Slight Fever Syndrome. The girls come off halfway decent for the most part, but they’re generally bland and smudged looking. Each one has these weird Harry Potter-like lightning bolts on their cheeks.

During the sex scenes, you will notice a terrible lack of detail. There are hardly any penetration scenes at all!

Another black mark on this already failed show is that when you check out the run time on the box, it says 60 minutes. In reality, it's actually about 45 minutes. If you're not careful when you try and blast through this while holding down the fast forward button, you may just miss it all. And that would just be a crying shame, wouldn't it?

The only redeeming thing I can say about Fruits Cup is that, at least the girls don’t end up loving the abuse. They end up emotionally scared and angry, like they should be in this scenario. Oh, and the trailers were nice.

Art/Animation: 3 Story/Plot: 1 Characters: 4 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 6