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Gloria Gloria Gloria Gloria

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Title: Glo*ri*a
Genre: Drama
Credits: Softcel Pictures

Cover Description: ...Five young, beautiful women, luxurious living quarters, gourmet meals, servants at your beck and call; what starving grad student wouldn't sell his soul to land a position like that? But something sinister is afoot in the Gloria family mansion....

Skysenshi's NOTE: Gloria was based on an interactive PC game. See it here.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.07.2001)
A romantic hentai?
Gloria is the prominent family name, wealthy beyond imagination. Theirs is a story that can stand alone, even if you remove all the sexual aspects. The plot revolves around the tragedy that has befallen the Gloria diamond mining empire--a serious takeover instigated by the devious Mr. Boone. When one important Gloria woman falls, somebody has to take on the task of being the clan's champion.

Actually, I was a little more preoccupied by the goings-on between Eterna, the eldest daughter, and that arrogant guy in a red suit. True, there was a moment where I felt that I wanted to gut the man for being too forceful and vain, but I saw that Eterna had a potential angle for a thrilling romance. However, the creators were too focused on Mary and Kira, despite their somewhat boring relationship. I also found it quite appalling that this couple had to solve Gloria's legal battles in public, and in a grand ballroom party no less! Only in low-budget hentai movies is this kind of problem-solving methods possible. Was this a way of salvaging an unimaginative love angle? Well, there is of course the fact that showing Kira and Mary having an orgy with the rest of the Gloria women should probably make up for the viewer's boredom.

I still say they should've made a more interesting romantic, yet sexy, development in Eterna's life. She was the only girl there, besides cute Cecil, who had actually shown some fire.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 6