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G-Taste G-Taste G-Taste G-Taste

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Title: G-Taste
Genre: Comedy / General Hentai

Skysenshi's Description: Welcome to the world of G-Taste. How would you like to see four of the most beautiful maids do a special exhibition? Or career girls who would perform for you as long as you love cold steel? Or women who get a sexual kick out of teaching? Or silly ninnies who dole out punishment that anybody would like to be saddled with? Have you decided what you prefer in your menu yet? If not, then let us help you take your pick…

Skysenshi's Note: Another title that isn't released yet in the English-speaking market, so I have no idea what the English title is going to be. This is a part of the Vanilla Series, so I can pretty much guess who's going to get the U.S. license.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.01.2002)
Not much flavor...
Initially, G-Taste has the feel of the Maiden Series, where four maids live inside a house of sexual debauchery, answering to their master's beck and call. The difference here is that the "master" is actually a woman who loves playing the role of dominatrix to a T. Mind you, she isn't as cruel or coldhearted as you first think, because her punishment are rather…decadent. Sinful pleasures. While the "master" in the Maid Series, professes to be softhearted, his ways are too harsh and physically taxing. The other way around is true for G-Taste. You have a haughty self-confessed sadist actually administering punishment that didn't involve whips, sharp objects or rape. What's interesting to note is that each of the maids in G-Taste has a certain type of fetish that provides hilarity in an otherwise dragging piece.

But wait…I'm not finished yet. There are more episodes than just your mansion full of horny maids. There are also stories about certain working girls having odd sexual attraction to…well…non-living things. If it isn't a cold monkey bar, it's a chair…a shoe…a podium…a desk…a ball pen! One even gets aroused by the mere sight of a classroom full of attentive male students. Of course, there's a valid explanation for this. No kidding! =^.^=

The downside here is that, there isn't much activity going on. Literally. You are treated to scenes where a girl does nothing but else but prepare for work. You end up watching somebody put on stockings, then skirt, then shirt, then make-up. Then there are also scenes showing a girl spending time in the pool, doing laps for what seemed like forever. Sure, they provide eye candy, but whatever happened to putting an actual storyline or at least a real hentai scene in there?

Overall, G-Taste has beautiful artwork, but there are repetitive animation frames—some are even recycled. There's not much by way of ecchi details as the genitals are usually blocked from view. There aren't any "happy" males here, either. It's just women, other women and their bizarre fetish.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 4 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 5