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Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty

Stepmother's Sin DVD
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Title: Stepmother's Sin / Guilty (alt title: Mother)
Genre: Suspense
US Release: Anime 18

Skysenshi's Description: Yusuke distrusts women. At an early age, his family was destroyed by his mother's lust and his father's greed, leaving him a traumatized child in their midst. Now his father has come to take a new wife into the household and Yusuke sees this as a perfect chance to extract his much-awaited revenge against all womankind.

Skysenshi's Note 2: Just released in the English market by Anime18. Year 2003.

Skysenshi's Note 1: Another title that isn't released yet in the English-speaking market, so I have no idea what the English title is going to be. This is a part of the Vanilla Series, so I can pretty much guess who's going to get the U.S. license.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (09.14.2002 ed 03.24.2003)
All that "Okasan! Okasan!"
…distracted me from enjoying the hentai fare. Seeing as how many people seemed to be turned on by incestuous relationships, Yusuke's screams of "Mother!" while banging his step mom must've meant to sound extremely erotic. Little good that did me…

Stepmother's Sin is supposed to be a serious psycho erotica that justifies a disturbed Yusuke's need to prove that all women are sluts. This cheesy little vehicle is, of course, brought to you by none other than the people behind Vanilla Series. Who else can spend a lot of budget on packaging without so much as a thought to developing the actual product? Stepmother's Sin's general atmosphere comes off as philosophic and dark at the same time, yet I couldn't help but laugh at every opportunity that Yusuke grabs in seducing his father's spouse. One prime example is a scene in the bathroom where Yusuke pretends to be a lost lamb begging for love and affection. Naïve stepmom, out of pity, agrees to give him a blowjob and allows him to caress her. When he tells her that he couldn't take it anymore and has to come inside her, she tells him, "No! We can't…Our relationship is mother and son and we can't ever overlook that…" Uhm…so it's okay for a mother and son to give each other oral sex as long as they don't go all the way. Ah…so desu ne!

Sarcasm aside, it really is hilarious observing Yusuke's mood swings as well as seeing how the Vanilla marketing team tries to come up with a thought-provoking tragic ending. We ought to give them a point for the effort. Well, at least one can't ever say that Stepmother's Sin lacked for good hardcore, exceedingly wet, passionate ecchi scenes. I swear there's so much quivering flesh in there to make a porn addict raise a white flag in surrender—that is, if you can stand all that orgasmic "Okasan! Okasan!" uttered repeatedly in the throes of sexual satiation.

Artwork is pretty good, but I'm rather disappointed with the animation. Toaster effects, anyone? I've never seen a recent H production that is as lazily done as Stepmother's Sin. The animators relied too much on CG that even the changes in facial expressions made me think of Adobe Photoshop and it's beloved Smudge Tool, not to mention Microsoft PowerPoint and its tacky unimpressive effects. If they think we'd never notice, they'd better think again. With the advent of new technology and the presence of better hentai features like Mezzo Forte and Mystery of the Necronomicon, the least they could do is show a little more talent.

Who to recommend this anime to? Like I said, it's great entertainment if you're looking for a barrel of laughs and a good deal of loin candy. Yusuke looks handsome, too, so I guess that would be bonus points for us females. Don't expect anything beyond these, though.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 10