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Heat Series Heat Series Heat Series Heat Series

Heat for All Seasons
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Title: The Heat Series
Genre: Drama
Credits: Kid, Phoenix Entertainment, Digital Works, Kitty Media

Cover Description: Masato is an aspiring novelist and college student who moves to a seaside town to be close to the beach the sexy bikini clad women.

Masato, along with his friend Oka, start working at a restaurant on the beach, while looking for potential candidates for a summertime fling. While Oka gets lucky quickly, and finds his romantic partner working at the same restaurant, Masato it not quite so lucky, and only has his daydreams to keep him company.

One day, as Masato fantasizes about his high school sweetheart Chisato, he runs right into her. Not willing to let this chance slip by, he rekindles their relationship, and his love for her. Unfortunately, she only comes to town during the summer, and over the course of time, Masato bares her absence with less and less fortitude. How long will it be before his hormones get the better of his heart…

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.07.2001 ed 07.13.2001)
Reminds me too much of End of Summer
Since Winter Heat and Autumn Heat can't stand on their own as individual anime titles, I'm combining my reviews for all of the Heat Series. Each of them elicit the same reaction from me anyway, so I think it's pretty pointless to discuss them one by one. I will just sound like a broken record.

The Heat Series is composed of Summer Heat, Autumn Heat, and Winter Heat. It's a telenovela documenting the lives of college students in love. Since it isn't your typical hentai fanfare, I'm looking at it through the eyes of a sane anime fan. Its attempt at seriousness reminds me too much of End of Summer, hence the 4-paw rating. Here we see Mr. Jerk Masato professing his love for one girl, but has no qualms screwing some cheap-ass female he just met on the subway! Worse, he gets angry just because his Lady Love was seen kissing someone else! Oh, ok, it's all right for him to spew his seed over to another woman, but it's mortal sin for the girl to touch lips with another man? Sounds like double-standard to me. Seducing other easy conquests is also a poor excuse of a tactic at getting over a love problem. Why can't he just admit that he's a sick fool who just wants to get laid from Summer through Winter?

Did I also mention how disgusting Masato's mouth is during "lovemaking"? He can't possibly be taken seriously with language like that. I just told my fiancé that after we get married and he tries to talk like Masato during the wedding night, I'd slap him repeatedly till he drops unconscious.

The Heat Series should have concentrated on tentacles or orgies instead. It would have at least pleased one set of fans that way. If it aims at targeting the remotely intelligent audience, I don't think it could hit its mark.

Art/Animation: 10 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 6 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 8

TypicalIdiotFan (09.04.2001)
Like the namesake, Hot to Cold
Frankly, I'm not as harsh on this series as Neko is =), because I thought it was a nice little horny romp. Still, the series does have the annoying habit of moving up in the first tape, and moving downhill from there.

First off, I wont blow sand up your skirts, the dub sucks. Unfortunately, I could only get it that way, so I had to deal with it. As for the show itself, the animation I thought was really well done. Chisato is drawn very sexily to the point where you wish she was real. The plot is fairly lame, and the "former crush wants to get the girl" type deal has been overdone. Still, the first tape ends satisfyingly enough.

The second tape is where it goes downhill, and I agree with Neko 100 percent. How does a guy who bangs some floozy for no reason other than to do it, expect to have our sympathies when his "love" has a fleeting encounter with another man whom she's not interested in, and he can't hack it? Bah...

Fluid art make this watchable, but trying to figure out what the main character is smoking will kill it by the end.

Art/Animation: - Story/Plot: - Characters: - Sounds: - Ecchi Level: -