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Pretty Slave Huanuli Pretty Slave Huanuli Pretty Slave Huanuli Pretty Slave Huanuli

Vanilla Series DVD
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Title: Pretty Slave Huanuli
Genre: Dark

Skysenshi's Description: "The man who used to peep is now the man who is satisfying himself with me…"

An artist…his student…the artist's wife…the wife's sister…the maid… They all make up one household of deep, unmentionable secrets and sexual deceit. One believes that the power to be a good painter lies in the way his master violates his wife… Another perceives that all sinners must be punished… Another wants to take advantage of a nubile young man's innocence… And another is the believed to be the source of all happiness… When death takes place within the household, somebody has to take the blame.

Or the credit.

Skysenshi's Note: Another title that isn't released yet in the English-speaking market, so I have no idea what the English title is going to be. This is a part of the Vanilla Series, so I can pretty much guess who's going to get the U.S. license.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (08.24.2002)
Vanilla Series = Stay Away
Lately, it seems that it has become a rule of thumb that quality of artwork is inversely proportional to a hentai anime's level of perversion. Just observe the pattern in Blackmail, Shusaku and Cool Devices. These three all have excellent graphics and animation and at the same time have the most disgusting sex scenes and fetishes ever to be introduced to human imagination. That being said, Pretty Slave Huanuli really takes the cake this time. It has one of the most exquisite artwork I have ever encountered and yet, it made me learn how to pray—pray that the whole gawdamned thing would be over quickly!

I thought I had seen everything, but if there's one thing I have never experienced in Hentai Neko's entire lifespan, it's to see the Cool Devices series coupled with Shusaku, crammed into an entire 60+ minute package. Ecchi level squared. The very first scenario alone can make a sane person have nightmares for centuries. Name it, Pretty Slave Huanuli celebrates it with such wanton abandonment: bondage, incest, butt-fucking, fist-fucking, whipping episodes, pissing spree, rape (the painful-looking non-lubricated kind…yowch!), and fruits and vegetables stuffed into a woman's genitals. They're mixed and matched, too! Truly, the mildest form of "mature entertainment" that can be found here are the steamy lesbian love angles and the occasional perfunctory bloodshed.

The plot leaves a lot to be desired. One is left wondering whether the characters were possessed by demons, out for revenge, or just simply insane and suffering from multiple personality disorders. The simplest answer would of course be that the writers were on crack. They jump from one story to another, leaving loose ends in their trail. Most of the time, certain major events didn't have any connection to other major events whatsoever. There is death, and there is blackmail—both supposedly leading to one person becoming the sex slave of just about everybody. In the end, you find out that this person doesn't have anything to do with whatever gibberish each sexual abuser has been talking about. It's just that she gets blackmailed to do what they wish but she actually enjoys being brutally used because she is sick in the head…

Ok, before I get myself further confused, I will stop and leave it to the rest of Hentai-dom to see what they can appreciate of this anime. For me, it's an attempt to make Pretty Slave Huanuli seem like it has depth when in fact, the numerous revolting methods of fornication that each character displays have managed to numb my brain cells long before the story got close to whatever point it was heading to. What a waste of great artistic talent. But what can you expect? This title is another Vanilla Series release and I have yet to see a Vanilla Series that is even worth ten minutes of viewing time.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 4 Sounds: 6 Ecchi Level: 10