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Hyakki Hyakki Hyakki Hyakki

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Title: Hyakki - The Secret of Devil's Island
Genre: Thriller, Suspensem, Mystery
Credits: 2003 Elf / Pink Pineapple / Kitty Media

Cover Description: The demons are coming to take you away, body and soul!

Ryuichi Sudo takes a spring break mystery tour with his best friend. With the other girls on the tour, Shoko, Hiromi and Wakaba, they travel to a strange deserted island. Soon mysterious passions take hold of the group and Ryuichi feels there is something familiar about the island. When someone begins killing off members of the group, Ryuichi must solve the mystery before the demonic energies of the island are released.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

EvilPants (10.26.2005)
With a name like devils island, I half expected Scooby and the gang to show up Jinkies
Ahh, now this was a treat to watch. I really love this show in two fold, which needs explaining, but we’ll save that for later.

Hyakki is a story about five friends taking a break from “college” on a mystery cruise.

Ryuichi - The lead male, our “hero” if you will
Takashi - The lesser male friend
Hiromi - The athletic girl with issues
Shoko - The shy girl in glasses
Wakaba - The lolicon little sister type

Along with out main cast, or “the ones that live” (as I like to call them), are the supporting characters:

Mr. Shinohara - Pervy fat guy.
Tomoko - Shinohara’s wife
Mr. Ito - A roid, raging burly man
Mr. Oishi - tour guide
Emi - tour guide lady

Now a mystery tour is where you get on a boat and the boat takes you to places unknown. During this cruise, everyone ends up on an island city that looks like it’s been carpet bombed long ago. It also happens to be the former home of half the passengers.

Everybody files out and starts exploring the island. During the exploration, the kids come across a shrine, and everything starts from there. Everyone has his and her own story to tell, but that’s not all they need to contend with. Turns out that the trip is actually a front for something sinister — a ruse for acquiring sex slaves. This means only one thing: the girls live and the men die.

Now in Japanese, this hentai is very serious, very mysterious and quite enjoyable. If you’re feeling lazy or your eyes hurt and you can’t stand to read subtitles, you can watch the English dub. A bit of caution, though: You are in for a hilarious slightly offensive laugh riot. The English dub is just outstandingly funny. The characters are whisked off into completely different directions, while keeping the story line pretty much the same. Finally, somebody got it right. Nobody likes hentai English dubs. I think Kitty realized this and instructed the English voice actors and writers to just have a ball and do what they want. I thank them a hundred times over for that.

To name a few changes, Mr. Ito becomes a traveling dildo salesman. Takashi becomes swishy and gay. The rest of the story becomes a scavenger hunt for items such as used condoms.

The English dub had me laughing my ass off with some of the funniest lines I’d ever heard in anime — hentai or not.

“Don’t stop sucking or I’ll buy you flowers and take you dancing.”
“ If you think I’m hot then bang me like a nanny goat.”
“ He said something about my grandmother being constipated.”
“Speaking of school Ryuichi and I were doing some cramming.”
“My god I can’t sleep in there tonight, the color scheme is for shit and there are no drapes or carpet.”

The last one is a favorite.

Hiyakki was just a pure treat to watch. It was suspenseful, mysterious, funny as hell, and has some excellent sex scenes involving ropes, toys, and floaty magic realms. Animation was sleek fluid, with great glossy colors, and well detailed.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 10 Ecchi Level: 9