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Immorality Immorality Immorality Immorality

Immorality DVD
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Title: Immorality
Genre: Fantasy, S&M
Credits: 2004 Milky

anime_miz's Description: Sayako is the new nurse at school. She charmed the boy students in the school, by her features and body. Aside from those students who were pleased with the appearance of a new person to adore, there was another group who were gazing at her with vicious and obscene eyes.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

anime_miz (05.16.2006)
Something too big to hold!
This is a hentai title that was released in 2004, from the studio that brought you Doctor Shameless and Bible Black: New Testament. The art from Immorality is mediocre to ludicrous. I winced every time I see the women. They were pretty enough; but their breasts are the size of melons with a matching hourglass figure! Every time they moved, their breasts literally defied both gravity and logic, bouncing and being huge slabs of meat. If this were real life then I would worry about their backs.

The premise is pretty much this: during the day, Syako is a nurse while at night she is a masked leather wearing heroine who goes off to battle villains and other women with breasts as big as hers!

Syako is portrayed as a heroine who would have sex with any of the male characters. After all, the video started out with an orgy and while the sex in this title was plentiful, the plot was quite confusing in that there are too many questions left hanging.

There is a minor love story in this one with a student developing a crush on Syako. I figure this is the story’s attempt to create character depth. The student gets kidnapped, so Syako has to go rescue him.

I saw this in Japanese, so the voices weren’t as bad as I feared; I shudder to think of it in English. The music wasn't memorable. Sounds uttered by the women are enough for its high numbers of rating from me. After every other five minutes, a female character gets involved into a sexual sandwich with three dicks. I would say that this Immorality is enough for anyone who has a fetish for big breasts and doesn't care about the bad story, plot, character development etc.

Art/Animation: 3 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 7 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 7