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Immoral Sisters Immoral Sisters Immoral Sisters Immoral Sisters

Immoral Sisters 2 DVD
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Title: Immoral Sisters 2
Genre: Drama/Fantasy
Credits: 2003 Elf / Pink Pineapple

Cover Description: Taketo returns for another competition with his father to see who can bed Yukie, and as many members of her family at one time and how often. Will they be able to call a truce, or will the sisters be caught in the crossfire? And when Yumi, his father’s secretary, gets in on the act, a six-way is inevitable.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

lensman (03.07.2006)
Good for a lonely, sleepless night.
As far as Hentai go, you probably couldn't get a more unoriginal show than Immoral Sisters which was pretty much standard Blackmail-Rape fare. You know the drill. Girl Meets Guy. Guy somehow blackmails girl and ends up sleeping with her, her friends and/or her relatives. Girl(s) hate it at first but end up liking it. Guy ends up with girl(s) setting up a conclave like Charlie Manson and bombing the animation studio that bought them all to life, thus making the overall quality of the world better, by a small yet significant percentage.

OK, maybe not the last part, but it would be pretty cool now, wouldn't it?

Anyway, Immoral Sisters 2, begins where the first one left off, with Taketo now being a part of the Immoral Sisters' family in a lewd kind of way. He is still an abusive and insensitive ass that likes to think with his dick incidentally, but the girls still like him and have the hots for him. Yay! When I grow up I want to be just like him! Oops, I am already grown up, too late!

With the Blackmail premise becoming history in the last series, how do you spice things up? By adding the father figure of course! That's right, he finally returns home from work, a truly unusual move in Hentai. Of course, Taketo, being the jerk that he is insults him right off the start. It turns out that daddy is a sexually-incompetent workaholic that can't get it on with his wife. Realizing what fate has befallen to the household, after watching his wife shagging Taketo, he decides to leave.

Problem is, he is the main income source (yeah the girls say that they love him, and want the family to stay together, but please spare me), so they can't have him just leave and desert them. They have to get him back somehow. Fortunately, the gang soon realises that daddy has the hots for his daughter Tomoko, so they set out a plan which ends up in a great big orgy.

What a brilliant plot! What a wonderful and touching character development!

Oh, and by the way, don't send the anime's creators to jail, because the people in the series are not related to each other, with the two daughters being adopted and all. They don't condone incest in any way, so please don't send the Spanish Inquisition over in Japan to burn them alive...

...Yeah, right.

In all seriousness though, you don't watch something called "Immoral Sisters" for the plot. This makes about as sense as going to a Strip Joint for the drinks, the male company, and the homebrewed coffee.

No, the reason you watch "Immoral Sisters" is not the plot, which you wind up fast-forwarding anyway after the initial run, but the sex-scenes. And the sex scenes are quite good, lewd, imaginative, and plentiful, just like the way they are supposed to be. The girls are absolutely beautiful and very well drawn. And no, being the pervo that I am, I didn't mind Tomoko's youthful design. In fact, I quite liked it, as well as the fact that she has a completely warped mindset in here. She is the most perverted of the bunch as well as the youngest, feeling no qualms about sleeping with her daddy to make him feel better. Aww, how sweet! Definitely a girl after my own heart.

Yeah, I know there's a special place in hell reserved just for me and people like me. We will probably have to watch The Princess Has Come Of Age over and over until our heads explode. Damn, watching that film was painful.

The Japanese audio is quite good, with some quite solid performances. The English audio... Well, the less said about it the best. I actually agree with the guy that reviewed Hyakki in that nobody likes to listen to it anyway, and that it's best if they just let the dubbers ridicule the whole thing. The music is a bit too romantic for what is essentially a fuckfest, but it manages to set up the mood nicely.

In overall, I have to say I enjoyed "Immoral Sisters 2" and its sorry excuse for a plot quite a bit. It's not overly original, it's not a masterpiece, but it does manage to do what it's supposed to do, which is to make you lock the door, shut down the blinds and reach for the Vaseline.

Now if you excuse me...

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9

Larghaz (06.07.2006)
Fans rejoice, others move on...
They're back ladies and gentlemen. Rumi, Tomoko, Yukie, Taketo and Yumi are at it again. But this time, it's not Taketo's dad who's going to get some action, it's Yukie's husband.

The story opens up in the airport where the girl's stepfather arrives. It’s normal to do that right? Well, not unless you bring your headstrong love servant who had an interesting greeting for Daddy. This of course has Mister Father suspicious as who this Taketo really is and why he's staying at his wife's house. Don't worry, he's not stupid, he catches on by the middle of the first episode. Question is, now what's he going to do? As if that is not enough, he has another minor problem which is revealed by Taketo's first line. How does he solve this problem? We go to episode two where everything ends up... well enough of that.

The art is still loyal to the first one, and all the characters look as they did in the first series. The girls are still attractively gorgeous and the men are still the men. Sound-wise, the show is alright. They had better sex scene music in the first series though.

Sex scenes this time were all consensual, as the big bad molester dad is already in jail. Immoral Sisters 2 still has threesomes with dildos. But now they've added sex in public. This is nothing new in hentai, and just a bit more explicit than the first series.

Immoral Sisters 2 has been a long awaited title for many of the fans of the first one. Those who thought that the characters in the first one were stupid will still be disappointed to know that they haven't changed. But with good art, an alright story and nice sex scenes Immoral Sisters 2 is sure to please the fans of the first one.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 6 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9