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Isaku Respect Isaku Respect Isaku Respect Isaku Respect

Isaku Respect DVD
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Title: Isaku Respect
Genre: Suspense, Campus
Credits: / NuTech

Cover Description: Kotomi is looking forward to a fun summer vacation. One day, she reads a mysterious note left for her on her bedroom desk. It is full of revealing information about her and she follows the note's instructions to show up at the old school building. There, she finds that her classmates have received a similar note. Soon, everyone is trapped in this building and the girls start to disappear, one by one. Kotomi and her headstrong classmate, Miyuki, starts to argue inside the restroom, when they are trapped by the insane Janitor, Isaku. He forces both Miyuki and Kotomi into performing sexually degrading acts! This is the beginning of their ultimate nightmare! A tale of violence, perversion and lust, filled with hardcore sex, unsual sexual fetishes and perversions!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (05.02.2005)
Yawn Fest
Let me just say outright that the very reason Isaku Respect is getting a 7 from me is because the artwork has tremendously improved from the first Isaku series. The women are hotter, the lines and colors are more vibrant, and the sex scenes are even more detailed. Miyuki, especially, caught my attention because her exquisite looks reminds me of Sailormoon's Rei Hino. This is one of those hentai titles that you actually buy for its sheer eye-candy factor.

You will notice that this seems to be a rehash of the first Isaku. The characters are essentially the same, except for a few missing antagonists. The story, however, is slightly different. You don't really know what the blackmail missives contained and you don't really know how the heck the girls find themselves in love with the boy Kenta. Kenta spends the entire duration acting like a complete wuss. I don't think I remember hearing him speak either. All you know is that the ugly janitor Isaku has something against him, since he's being sent video tapes depicting Isaku's graphic sexual abuse of Kenta's female classmates. This is supposed to "torment Kenta." While many of the girls here have better personalities compared to their original versions, Kenta's personality is apparently inversely proportional to this enhancement.

With regards to the story flow, Isaku Respect seems to be angling for the philosophical let's-mess-with-everyone's-head type of approach. Sort of like Lain, except it's hentai. The scenes are a mix of realism, surrealism, flashbacks (of mostly high school insecurities), and hallucinations. You're meant to exhaust your viewing time identifying which ones are actually happening and which ones are imagined. I suppose Isaku Respect is aimed for those who have already seen the first Isaku, hence the lack of urgency to actually explain what's going on. Even the ending leaves me scratching my head in wonder.

The sex borders on the disgusting. It starts out mild: urine and flatulence. Then it progresses to having one of the victims fall face first into the not-so-empty toilet bowl. Enemas and defecation follow. Rinse and repeat. If these were meant to shock, sadly, I ended up pinching myself so that I'd stay awake. One can only take so much gross material without entertaining the urge to do other things. Please, I've seen crass comic strips that are 100 times funnier. And blackmail? Can't they think of something more creative than this? It's so 80s! I swear, Isaku Replay is so mind-numbingly repetitive, not even the "unique" eyecatch sequences, where you see each woman showcase her assets, could rescue this one.

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 4 Characters: 6 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 9