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Kamyla Kamyla Kamyla Kamyla

Kamyla DVD
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Title: Kamyla
Genre: Action
US Release: NuTech

Cover Description:
Volume 1 - Late 20th century, during a time of rampant social corruption, a criminal market in human sex slavery has become increasingly common. The Japanese government created a specially trained task force to combat these crimes. Special agents Agatha, Lily, and Koyomi are dispatched to a warehouse to apprehend a criminal with a female hostage. However, Agatha ends up being taken hostage by the criminal, Lead Suits. Tied up in a small apartment, Agatha witnesses the effect of the mind-control drug Kamyla, used to turn humans into mindless slaves. She watches helplessly as her drugged hostage orally copulates her captor, and masturbates with a loaded gun at his command. After commanding his hostage to kill herself at the first sign of resistance by Agatha, Lead starts to molest Agatha against her will. Her large breasts are roughly fondled, and tears stream down her face as Lead forcefully inserts his hard cock into her mouth. Later, Lead returns with a vial in his hand, to inject Agatha with the evil drug, Kamyla....

Volume 2 - During an armed confrontation with criminals, Agatha finds herself under the lascivious spell of the mind control drug, Kamyla. The lusty side effects of the drug seem to increase daily.... Unable to control herself, Agatha starts to masturbate at the crime scene....

Agatha soon finds that one of the men she has arrested, Denzel Call, is a high-ranking member in Lead's organization. When Agatha and Koyomi enter the interrogation room to speak with Denzel, he insists on only speaking with Agatha. After Koyomi leaves the room, Denzel tells Agatha the truth about the drug, Kamyla. As Agatha listens, she is drawn into a sexual frenzy, and ends up in a torrid romp with the criminal.

Denzel reveals the location of Lead suits, and Agatha and Koyomi are immediately on their way to apprehend Lead and bring him back to their headquarters. Agatha positions herself to storm the building, while Koyomi positions herself to secure the area. However, Lead's bodyguards capture Koyomi, and Agatha falls right into Lead's trap. A shocking future awaits both Koyomi and Agatha...

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (02.12.2003)
Good Cop, Bad BAD Cop…
One look at special agent Agatha's J-cup size and you'd know that the nutrients that should've gone to her brain went to her chest instead. This anime did not disappoint my expectations. In other words, Agatha and her colleagues are as hilariously dimwitted as I expected them to be. Equipped only with brain cells that are as small as their skirts, they run around with their visible panties, obviously forgetting the fact that there's supposed to be rampant sex slavery campaign going on and that they're supposed to stop it. Boy, those poor excuse for police skirts sure helped a lot! Sure, they kicked butt…in the beginning, that is. But as every cheap hentai production goes, martial arts expertise—and intelligence, it seems—disappear in the dust when horniness takes over. When these girls go bad, they're really really bad. Complete with the ear-numbing monotonous results of bad dubbing, of course.

They supposedly have a good excuse, since the "victims" are injected with the drug Kamyla. How very convenient. I don't have much to say about the plot, since NuTech is irritating enough to put the entire story in their cover description (see above). What little they did not say are actually the sex scenes, which, I must admit, are bountiful in this h-anime. Don't believe the last sentence of the second volume cover summary. You won't get shocked because you'll already know what the outcome will be. Predictable.

For their credit, however, they tried to inject a little romance at the end of volume 1, though it comes off as ridiculous and funny instead of romantic. Oh, and I mustn't forget that Agatha has another special talent besides martial arts. Saying what it is would be a spoiler, but I was quite amused by it. Hint: It involves her J-cups and no, it isn't as common as titty-fucking.

The artwork and animation are consistent—consistently regressing from bad to worse as the volumes progress. I thought I was watching an 80's GI Joe cartoon, what with the jumpy frame transitions and the crude crude art. Can I say it almost rivals SailorMoon and the 7 Dragonballz?

The verdict? NuTech can put as many add-ons as they want, from photo galleries to interactive menus to animated chapter previews to new release trailers, but none of these extras could salvage this anime. Maybe the J-cups would?

Art/Animation: 2 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 3 Sounds: 1 Ecchi Level: 8