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Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl

Karakuri Ninja Girl
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Title: Karakuri Ninja Girl
Genre: Action/Comedy
Credits: NuTech
Screenshots: OJ (1.26.2003)

Cover Description: Ninja they may be, but they're still human after all. They wish for ordinary lives in the city. Dream of a beautiful life together.

When the two shadows of Fawn Bell (Trisha Uptown) and Moon Shadow leave the Ninja Country, the chase is on! If they're captured, they will be subjected to an extremely erotic punishment. Will they ever really learned their lesson? Doubtful. The thrill of being "watched" drives them day and night, anywhere, anytime.

Too bad the ninja clan head, Madam Devil Grace, has finally had enough of these this lovey-dovey lust ridden duo. They're about to be expelled, but it could mean that Fawn Bell and Moon Shadow will finally be able to fulfill their dream of starting the sweet life... only another escaped ninja name Morning Mist (Alexa Rae) is about to intrude into their fantasy...

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (04.23.2003)
Unbelievably Fluffy!
Just when you think you've had enough of SailorMoon rip-offs, along comes another hentai anime that is obviously inspired by the undyingly popular bishoujo series. One look at Fawn Bell's odango hairstyle and fashion sense and you'll know right from the start that she is Usagi Tsukino (a.k.a. SailorMoon herself) from an alternate universe. Also take note that Moon Shadow's name seemed to be derived from the SailorMoon R season's Tsukikage no Knight.

But wait! Unlike Lunatic Knight and Venus 5, Karakuri Ninja Girl isn't about senshi look-alikes or similar transformation sequences. In fact, Karakuri has a different theme in mind all along. You'd notice this as soon as you view the impressive intro of narratives and falling cherry blossom petals. We have two skilled fighters who go out of their way to escape from Ninja Country. They just want to live a life of peace, alone—just the two of them acting like ordinary people. Who's to say life is actually going to be that easy? First, their leader punishes them for trying to escape. Then, when the plan erotically backfires, they are banished from the clan forever. Well, it's not over yet! As soon as our two lovebirds settle down in their new lives, in comes the scorned ex, Morning Mist, who proceeds to wreak havoc on the love nest that our heroes carefully built for themselves.

Much as this hentai feature lacked a lot of very important detail—ahem, I'm talking about how the lower genitalia are being artfully obscured from view—I found myself immensely entertained. The conversations and situations are so downright silly I couldn't even manage to stifle my girlish giggling. Of course, it helps that Moon Shadow and Fawn Bell keep tugging at my hopelessly romantic side. And this truly comes as a surprise since WAFF-y* romance stories aren't usually my thing!

The plot isn't much. You won't be finding philosophical elements in here, that's for sure. The art and animation are fine, just enough to tickle your appreciation for a good dose of comedy. Ah, yes, there is one little aspect that almost ruined this for me: the English dubbing. Just to be a little more specific, I must say I'm thoroughly bothered by Trisha Uptown's monotonous, ear-numbing performance as Fawn Bell. So, I'm giving our readers a word of advice: If you have the DVD, please choose Japanese with English subtitles, then sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 7 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 5