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Koihime Koihime Koihime Koihime

Koihime DVD
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Title: Koihime
Genre: Romance
Credits: NuTech / Pink Pineapple
Screenshots: Life

Cover Description: A college student from the city, on a whim, returns to the countryside in which he spent his childhood and meets four young women who he doesn't recognize, but who all seem to remember him quite well. A shock is in store for Musashi however, as he discovers that the place where he grew up, its residents and especially the four young affectionate women are all much more than meets the eye! How could he have known these four in his childhood and not remember them? And why do the villagers call them "hime" (princesses)? Whatever the answers, rest assured lots a hot steamy sex is in store with this title!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Anglachel (01.19.2002)
Siskel and Co. would give it two thangs up!
Tentacles! Bondage! Rape! Human degradation! All those (and more!) yummy hentai anime staples...are not present in this two volume title. Sorry. If that's what you're looking for, look elsewhere ya sick pervert (oh yea, I'm a sick pervert too...damn)! If however, you are looking for an awesome, bloody, action packed sex-travaganza...well, then this ain't for you either.

Koihime is a charming and funny story about childhood promises not meant (or allowed) to be fulfilled infused with colorful characters taken straight from Japanese folktale and myth. Ever hear the story of the snow princess? Well suffice to say she is nowhere near as frigid as you might be led to think...which reminds me, I should mention right away that it is one of the most sexually explicit titles that I've seen, if not THE most explicit title available now. The characters have HAIR fer goodness sakes! No, I don't mean on top of their heads...ahh, now ya get it?

Anyways, a few technical points about Koihime... First of all, it is fairly recent title. Thus (for hentai) it is of quite high quality. I watched the DVD versions, and the images were very crisply drawn. The art style is bright and colorful, maybe even a little surreal in its depiction of a beautiful, peaceful Japanese countryside. I liked the character designs, I think I remember one person mentioned the main character resembles the guy from Golden buy, what with his pony tail...and he's right. The girls are all very cute, and uniquely drawn, each with their own unique sway in personality. For example, Anzu is petite, bubbly, and somewhat childish whereas Suzaku is the violent, hotheaded tomboy. What they all have in common however is that they all have a major thing for the main character Musashi.... that lucky punk. Anyway, not even the fact Musashi can't remember ANY of the girls stops him from getting any action. Why can't he remember four girls he used to be close friends with in his childhood? Better to find out for yourself.

Finally, I have to commend the ending. A little surprising, and not really sad, but...well, find out what I mean.

To sum up Koihime, it has all the ingredients for a highly recommended hentai title—a working plot and story (amazing!), good quality visuals and character designs...and really really explicit sex. Notice I used two "really"s. Yes, it's like THAT. Bon appetit! :)

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 9 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 10