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Korashime / Punishment Korashime / Punishment Korashime / Punishment Korashime / Punishment

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Title: Punishment (Vanilla)
Genre: Psycho-Thriller
Credits: (Vanilla Series) Blue Gale / Digital Wax

Skysenshi's Description: Kayama is a straight-laced university professor who has never had a malicious thought in his entire life. Because he is dedicated to his job, he usually stays late and makes rounds throughout the entire school. Unfortunately, he always ends up walking into students caught in compromising positions. These instances are merely accidents, but people have begun to think that he is a loser who gets himself off by committing voyeuristic activities. Most of the time they would bully him, always getting away with their disrespectful behavior for they know that Kayama would always take things sitting down.

Four co-eds decide to take matters further. They plot to take Kayama down by playing a rather nasty prank on him that costs him his career and his reputation. The plan backfires, however, for Kayama's tolerance has just reached the end of the line. His sanity snaps and he becomes obsessed with exacting his precious revenge…

Skysenshi's Note: Another title that isn't released yet in the English-speaking market, so I have no idea what the English title is going to be. This is a part of the Vanilla Series, so I can pretty much guess who's going to get the U.S. license.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.20.2002)
I promise to never be cruel to nice guys...
Here we go again with the cheap CG effects and animation. It feels like we're back in the early days of anime where production teams on a tight budget resort to repetitive frames, only this time it's digital so it's not just repetitive frames that bombard your screen anymore. There's also a lot of graphic manipulation involved wherein they just change the color of one girl's panties, or swap one man's face for another and make "new" scenes out of them. Ah, but it's hentai and it has sex. Plenty of it. And it sells. So what does it matter how haphazardly put together this thing is, right?

The art is okay. It's shiny and pretty, much like the other titles that are recently being released since 2001. I have a problem with the penises, though. I mean, I've seen neon pink, magenta, Chinese red…but it's the first time I've seen brick red. These rather thick appendages are so dark against the pale skin of the male characters that one can't help but chuckle in unconcealed mirth.

Being faithful to the latest trend in hentai anime—especially the ones released by Vanilla—Korashime (Punishment) features no-holds-barred non-stop fornication, with a little bit of help from a few metallic instruments. Ouch. My DVD player's fast forward button has once again been very useful. Many of these scenes looked so painful, that even when I totally despised the four bitches who made fun of the mild-mannered Kayama, I still couldn't bear to watch their private parts be viciously poked by various forms of cold hard metal. Other things to expect are the usual: oral sex, anal sex, hardcore lesbian action, and bondage.

Korashime's story is rather simple, but I believe it is well executed. There are no major twists or anything totally unexpected. However, you do get treated to a few abstractions like the ones that symbolize the goins-on in Kayama's mind while he was losing control of himself. I find myself sympathizing with Kayama, which probably means that character development was done rather nicely for a low-budget hentai fare like this. He starts out really gullible and sweet, wandering off with that catatonic stance. His transformation from nearly innocent to extremely sadistic is say the least. Makes me think twice about committing a horrible misdeed. Then again, I can't blame him. The girls who wanted to destroy him weren't little miss innocents themselves, though they would like to pretend otherwise.

There is a bit of romance in the form of a girl named Miki, whose older sister Maki is the brains behind Kayama's ruination. I almost imagined that Miki would be the one to lure the professor back to sanity. Then again, like what we have come to assume from titles like these, there really isn't any happy ending.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 10