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La Blue Girl Returns 1
La Blue Girl Returns 2
LBG Returns Collection
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Title: La Blue Girl Returns 2
Genre: Supernatural / Action
Credits: Green Bunny/Brahma/ARMS

Cover Description: Sex ninja Miko Mido thrashes the forces of evil with her sensual martial arts, but one thing she's never been able to catch is a man of her own...until now. Miko's new squeeze just might be Mister Right...or he may be in league with the lascivious forces of darkness. Just goes to show, supernatural sex fiends are pesky, but men are definitely evil. And hell has no fury like a sex ninja scorned.

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HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Interzone (11.30.2002)
Tentacles, back in fashion?!
When an anime is as aesthetically pleasing as La Blue Girl Returns, occasionally minor details are overlooked…in this case, the plot. Really, I'm sure there is one, but for some reason I never seem able to follow it too attentively. Somewhere along the line though, while searching for the Shikima brain in order to prevent further attacks on the realm (as seen in episodes one and two), certain forces assigned to protect it are alerted to our favorite ninja girls' prying. Cue tentacles emerging from a computer monitor (be afraid, be very afraid) and Fubuki slipping into a dream where she is whipped good by - you guessed it - tentacles! Yaku enters said dream to save Fubuki by undergoing some sort of hypnosis - curiously, she has to be naked for this to happen. This is why I love this show. Oh and she finds Miko there too; cue more tentacles…

The DVD contains episodes three and four of this brand spanking new OVA series and manage to introduce yet another sexy femme fatale Nanako, a cute, perky (ahem) young girl with bright pink hair who takes an immediate liking to Miko; obviously it's not just horrific, ugly, tentacle-sprouting demons that find Miko alluring. But hey, it makes for interesting viewing!

At heart La Blue Girl has always possessed a certain charm and innocence, despite the unsavory goings on. As in Lady Blue, Miko pursues a love interest and it's extremely cute to see her blush and fumble with her words. It's also this that I find most jarring about the show. Part comedy, part romance, part brutal rape, rinse and repeat. There's a scene in Shikima Lust wherein Miko begs a demon not to rape her in front of her 'love interest', starts to cry and scream, but of course it's in vain. Other than a few scenes, the whole show is fairly innocuous and fun to watch. H content is slightly lower than in previous installments, and perhaps not as gratuitous. Detailed yes, but the scenes are not dwelled on for too long, which may disappoint some viewers.

You know, sometimes I thank heavens for Green Bunny. They're producing some of the most gorgeous looking hentai at the present time, and the LBG Returns is quite possibly the best-looking show in the American market to date. The whole thing literally shines; the colors are amazingly vibrant and rich.

To conclude, it's not the most profound work of art and the plot may well pass you by, as it did me, for the most part. But it's fun, funny, silly and sexy, looks stunning, and well, what more could you want?

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 6 Characters: 8 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 7