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Leatherman Leatherman Leatherman Leatherman

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Title: Leatherman
Genre: Comedy/Adventure
Credits: NuTech
Screenshots: Life

Boxed Set DVD Cover Description:
Volume 1 - Stuffing an old bag full of contents from a safe, Cruz hops on his motorcycle and faces an uncertain future. His past lover, Shisui, is called on by the boss, Ramon, to bring Cruz back with the bag, or eliminate him permanently. An exciting adventure follows Cruz as he encounters beautiful women, from the young woman obsessed with UFO’s to a shell-shocked policewoman. Throughout his sexy adventures, Shisui is always after him, swearing to capture her former lover and complete her assignment. What is the secret inside Cruz’s bag? Will he be able to successfully run from Shisui?

Volume 2 - Filling his bag with contents from a safe, Cruz drives off on his motorcycle to evade capture. He is injured during a daring escape, and is carried into a hospital. During his short stay, he manages to seduce a nurse. Checking himslef out of the hospital, continuing on his journey, Cruz picks up a runaway, Mihono. After she steals his bag, she tries to hitchhike to the next town in a car with two guys. However, the money in the stolen bag is accidentally revealed, and she ends up blindfolded and bound in a hotel.

Volume 3 - During a sun-drenched, beach side vacation, Lori and Maiko come across Cruz's old bag stuffed with cash. After an evening filled with alcohol, Cruz, lori and Maiko end up in a sexy threesome. Drained after a long night of sex, Cruz is deeply asleep when Lori and Maiko sneak away with the money and rush to the nearest bank. Shisui watches the departing pair with a mysterious smile...

Volume 4 - Looking to find Mihono a safe, stable place, they start working in a bakery. After a sexy romp with the owner, Cruz plans on leaving Mihono behind. However, Mihono foils his plans and continues to tag along. They head to find the church Cruz visited, only yo find the nun missing, and Nif in her place. Nif tells Cruz that all the women he had slept with during his escape are now held hostage in the group's vacation house. He heads to a cave, only to find that the group, after his betrayal, has erased his ID code to prevent his entrance.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Life (01.21.2003)
Have BADASS, Will Travel
Don't let that guy who rides a Harley Davidson and wears a pair of shades to hide his demonic eyes. This is basically "Trigun" trading its "planet of gunsmoke" for a more modern timeline.

Cruz, our main protagonist, is a sex fiend. He's also a hired lackey who's part of some crime syndicate. The job doesn't suit him well. So he takes a lot of money, and some unknown item, and hits the highway. Hot on his tail is his former girlfriend Shisui.

Let me break from this review to tell you about Shisui. I doubt that anybody's seen the 80's anime Mobile Suit Gundam Double Zeta. The show featured a hot, purple-haired lass by the name of Roux Rouka (pronounced Lu Luka). She's the essence of "no nonsense" in human form and is dedicated to her job. That's the same thing I can say about Shisui. I'll add that she's got a great body; and any man will be transfixed on her during the "actions scenes" while she's not chasing poor Cruz around with a submachine gun.

Anyway... Cruz tries to reprogram himself while he has his way with many young ladies. He manages to take the opportunity to turn these women into animate objects for the male audience to ogle at. The art's watchable, but there seems to be a problem on who gets what hair color. You'll hear a lot of familiar voices since NuTech took the liberty of not plastering images of hot live porn stars anymore. Oh well... At least it's not Spy Of Darkness.

Art/Animation: 3 Story/Plot: 3 Characters: 3 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 6