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Lesson XX Lesson XX Lesson XX Lesson XX

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Title: Lesson XX
Genre: Drama / Romance / Shonen-ai
Artist/Author: Oonagi Ei

Skysenshi's Description: Morifuji Shizuka and Ichitaro Sakura are two very attractive high school students who have no idea what effect they have on even the most popular girls in their class. Intelligence, style, sensitivity, and an unbelievable sense of chivalry towards women make them the perfect gentlemen. But we all know that there isn't such a thing as perfect, don't we?

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (11.18.2001)
Bittersweet reality...
Okay...before hardcore fans get disillusioned by the deceiving title, I have to say outright that Lesson XX is not a vulgar, wet and wild animated porn. It's about...

Coming out of the closet is perhaps the hardest thing for a person to do, whether this person is male and female. The pressures of life and society are always there to watch over one like a vulture zeroing in on a dying piece of flesh. What makes Lesson XX an inspiring shonen-ai, despite the mush and fluff, is that reality is acknowledged through certain questions that Morifuji tends to ask, especially on aspects regarding his "forbidden" desire. Morifuji and Ichitaro are not lost in their own odd world, but in fact take into consideration the many obstacles they have to face, which could threaten this beautiful relationship that they are only just discovering.

The downside that this anime has, however, is that the character development seems pretty weak. There are so many other characters that could strengthen the play of conflict, like for example in the case of Bisaki Sakasegawa, the upperclass girl whom every guy in the campus dreams about. Another is Masato, the male classmate whom Ichitaro and Morifuji lives with. Masato seems to have a rather strange interest in Morifuju's activities. So does Bisaki. Add Maekawa, Ichitaro's female classmate, who is obviously infatuated with him, to the picture and the plot thickens. Unfortunately, these people seem to just serve as side dishes to the main course.

Despite this weak aspect, Lesson XX still manages to paint an accurate picture of what really transpires at a time when a gay person decides to come out. This is sweetly complimented by breathtaking artwork and animation that make Lesson XX an unforgettable title that shonen-ai fans would definitely want to add to their collection.

Art/Animation: 10 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 5