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Lingerie Office Lingerie Office Lingerie Office Lingerie Office

Lingeries Office DVD
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Title: Lingeries Office
Genre: Mystery
Credits: 2001 Mink / Green Bunny

Cover Description: As Yusuke Nakonishi begins his new job at the Best Beauty Body Lingerie Company, little does he know that he's about to find himself in the center of a ring of business and sexual intrigue. Charged to disrupt and eliminate the cohorts of an opposing faction, Nakonishi thrusts himself on the prowl after three of his sexy co-workers around whom this sex drama spirals. His first target is Alice Nonoyama, an indentured sex servant who is forced to submit to the perverse whims of her bosses and clients. Can he win her heart and keep himself in the clear while the bewitching Rena looms menacingly?

Watch the sex packed action as Nakonishi tries to free this hot blonde from her chains of debauchery, and in doing so, enslave her himself.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (01.16.2005)
On a nice day...
Even mediocre storylines could entertain as long as the execution is well thought of. I'm looking at Lingerie Office at the perspective of a hentai fan, setting aside my feministic ideas for just a few hours. (Although, yeah, as you guessed it, I still had a lot of sarcastic remarks to say about many of the events transpiring here.)

To start off, imagine yourself working in a company that manufactures lingeries. I could, since I think a lot of our female undergarments should have the quality of Victoria's Secret. But if you're a guy, you'd probably see this as an opportunity to meet a lot of talented and beautiful women. Forget that in reality, lingerie companies do not have as many gorgeous girls as Lingerie Office has. The important thing here is that the artwork and animation are top-notch, so you'd have to expect that everyone's exquisite.

But wait...something not-quite-right is going on inside the company. Well, besides the fact that the men here (most of them ugly as hell) indulge in debauchery involving the female employees, two factions are going against each other's throat. Yusuke Nakonishi was hired by the president's camp to find means of eliminating the vice-president's supporters. Since the vice-president is not too discreet about his sexual activities, which he uses to attract clients, you'd think that Yusuke would have such an easy time going about it. What I like about Lingerie Office is that I am kept guessing as to what each faction's move is going to be. There's a whole load of conspiracies going on that kept me riveted. Basically, the plot is not too deep, but not too shallow either.

There were also a few key characters that I find interesting. Like for instance, Mayumi, the go-getter. She's weird and clumsy and...I like her. She's so gung-ho about her work without being too straight-laced. There's also Chiisa, the nerdy, bespectacled, hard-working supervisor. There's mysterious Rena who's as hot as her hair is red. And of course, you can't miss Alice, the blonde bombshell. She hogged nearly all the hentai scenes from the first episode.

The h-scenes, like the art and animation, are also top caliber. I could swear that Lingerie Office has some of the best sex scenes I've ever come across. And they aren't stingy, too. Sex is peppered all over the place, without boring you or making it seem like it's all there ever is. 'Course there are lots of anal sex in the third episode, which, in fairness to the artists, are also nicely rendered. But I don't dig those kind of things, unfortunately.

I've got a lot of gripes about Lingerie Office, though. For one thing, if you switch to the dub, you'd think the voice actors are just emotionlessly reading through scripts. The VP's assistant also sounds like his balls were stuck in a vice-clamp. What's even weirder is that the characters' voices drastically changed in the third episode, so the assistant went from eunuch to macho man in a few minutes.

Secondly, Alice asks the most absolutely stupid questions. I mean, with Yusuke's hand already on her ass, you'd hear her say, "Are you hitting on me?" No, d-uh. Thirdly, Yusuke's attempts at "freeing the hot blonde" is laughable at best. He claims he wants to help-while his hand roves up the women's backsides. The girls just go from one perv to another; the only difference being that they escaped very ugly pervs to end up in bed with a good-looking one. Yay. We can't all be so lucky. (I'm practically resisting the urge to raise one eyebrow here.)

Lastly, the uniforms are tacky. I mean, these atrocious garments could look good, but they just have to drop those ghastly Sailormoon ribbons! And why is it that only the women here wear uniforms, very short ones at that, too? I'd like to see the guys here wear something just as revealing even when they're not fornicating.

Still, I give Lingerie Office a 9. The premises here aren't as idiotic as most brainless hentai titles out there and you definitely can't go wrong with the eye candy. For what it's worth, I actually enjoyed it (like I said, I tried to set aside my feministic ideas). As for male opinion, the guy friend who gave me this title announced that he was majorly aroused by Lingerie Office. (Um...o-kay...thanks for that helpful piece of information. Heh.)

Art/Animation: 9 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9