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Living Sex Toy Delivery Living Sex Toy Delivery Living Sex Toy Delivery Living Sex Toy Delivery

Living Sex Toy Boxed
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Title: Living Sex Toy Delivery
Genre: Psycho Thriller
US Release: NuTech

Cover Description: Working for a moving company, Shouji is invited to a party by a girl named Yuika. However, he is drugged, and multiple women take advantage of him, and rape him repeatedly. When he recovers his memory, he finds himself stuffed in a cardboard box on the railroad tracks, with a suicide note stuff inside. Shocked, he frantically escapes from the cardboard box. Vowing revenge, he sets off to Yuika’s residence. He pretends to be a elivery man, and enters her apartment. There, he stuffs her in a box, and takes her to a hideout, where she will be used as a lure to contact the other party members that violated him. Watch the depravity of Shouji’s revenge as he hunts down and boxes up the women for his carnal revenge.

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (02.10.2004)
Hee Hee.
Forgive the ditzy review title, for truly, I have no other words to use in reference to my reaction to this hentai feature. You have Shouji, a mild mannered lad who is unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your point of view) enough to become prey to convoluted perverts. What these women’s goal is, I have no idea because I’m still reviewing the first volume and I’m eagerly awaiting an explanation as to why they’d be so cruel. I just thought that it was a shame that such a nice guy would be driven to insanity by a bunch of twisted horny girls. Err, on the other hand, I also thought it was funny, to have such a convenient excuse to go about hunting women, abusing them, and stuffing them in cardboard boxes. Can’t say it wasn’t justified, but I still found it hilarious.

One thing’s for sure here, though: there’s almost little room here for anything else other than sex. From beginning to end, Living Sex Toy Delivery doesn’t delude you that it has a kick-ass uber unique story line. It thrives on hentai scenarios, and there are lots and lots of it in here. There’s just one thing in here that might make the queasy squirm, and that would be the scene with actual feces coming out of a girl. Just a little warning since this is the first time I’ve actually seen it graphically detailed (complete with sound effects) in an h-anime. Also, I found it curious that there are two virgins in here but it’s the one who works out a lot that ends up bleeding. Strange, because as far as I know, those who are used to strenuous exercises are the ones who don’t normally bleed when deflowered.

The English dubbing is pretty much average, but the artwork/animation is below par. I noticed digital technology does this to artists—make them lazy and careless when it comes to color rendering and shading. There’s not much else to analyze in here, so I just sat back and “enjoyed” the show. I would recommend this to people with various fetishes, however, so if you’re one of them, you just might like to try Living Sex Toy Delivery out.

As with my usual rant about NuTech’s releases, I just wish they’d at least give us two episodes per volume. The “Extras”, which contain nothing more than URLs and photo galleries of frames you’ve already seen in the movie anyway, do not exactly justify their outrageous pricing. And if it's boxed set? You only save so little.

Art/Animation: 5 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 9

Larghaz (06.14.2006)
Never Accept Packages Without Address Confirmation.
When you take advantage of someone and want to kill him, make sure he actually dies. A lesson the various women in this title learned the hard way. Living Sex Toy Delivery is the story of a man out for revenge because a group of she-devils used him sexually and tried to kill him. Through the course of his retribution, the man finds out why he and other men were abused the same way.

The story of revenge isn't something new in hentai. Heck, it's one of the basic principles of shows like Punishment and Dark Shell. But in this title, the male lead may actually have the most justifiable reason to exact revenge on the six women who wronged him. The story starts out like the simple "they hurt me, now they're going to pay" plot, but as it progresses you'll eventually find out that it goes a little deeper than that.

The only male character isn't someone a lot of people will like. His methods are cruel and harsh, but as mentioned earlier he has a reason for it. The female cast, though intelligent when together, act like idiots you'd just like to spank around. They don't question why somebody is sending them the kinds of things they're getting through the mail. Just because it caters to their specific fetish, they can care less who it came from. Not only that, but while watching this, you might want to ask yourself, "Don't they recognize that character?" The story may be alright and the male lead is somewhat understandable, but these girls need to go back to whatever school they came from.

The art of this title is a little above average. The only thing the artists have to work on is making young characters look young. They have a girl who is supposed to look like a child, but has such developed breasts. Not only that, but when that character has sex with someone who is supposedly taller than her, they end up being the same size.

All of the girls have different fetishes which will of course please a lot of people. Having two girls per episode means having two kinds of sex every twenty three minutes. All of the scenes are very explicit since the main character needs to get that kind of information. Although some of the scenes may be too much for some, they don't come close to the extremes that "Night Shift Nurses" goes to.

Living Sex Toy Delivery is a welcome change to titles like Sibling Secret and Momiji where the guy doesn't just hurt the girls because he wants to. Once you get past the sex craze induced idiocy of the girls and the almost inconsistent art, the show is actually worth watching. The healthy variety of fetishes will surely keep others who don't care about the story interested as well.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 6 Sounds: 7 Ecchi Level: 9