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Title: Lunatic Night
Genre: Action / Comedy
Credits: Central Park Media

Cover Description: 19-year-old Kamizaki finds himself surrounded by three sex kittens intent on restoring his powers as the former ruler of Atlantis. The four unite, and must use their insatiable sexual appetites to repopulate the world, try to resurrect the lost civilization of Atlantis, and stave off the nymphomaniac forces that lurk nearby!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (07.07.2001 ed. 04.22.2003)
Just what we need...another SailorMoon knock-off!
I have no idea where to begin bashing this poor excuse of an anime. Should I start with the annoyingly chubby faces of the characters? Should I be pissed at the resemblance to Queen Serenity or that unmistakeable odango atama? What about the Sailor Senshi, particularly Sailor Jupiter? Speaking of resemblances, I should also be complaining about similarities to El Hazard and Voltes V. Add a really shallow, confusing, jumpy turn of events, and you have the perfect recipe for crap. If you're looking for a hentai SailorMoon rip-off, you'd find better sexual satisfaction from SailorMoon X and the 7 Dragonballz.

On the other hand, the art and animation aren't half as bad as Sailor 7. At least the Sailor Senshi look a little more like actual senshi rather than just being crude pieces of fan art. The hentai frames aren't repetitive either. I still don't understand half of what's happening except for the fact that everyone seems to be making excuses just to get it on. Come to think of it, I doubt it's what viewers are looking at anyway.

One thing I noted, though, was the place called Laputa. I know it's another rip-off of Miyazaki's work (Laputa: Castle in the Sky - See Otaku Fridge) but I was wondering if it actually means La Puta, which is Spanish for "The Whore".

Art/Animation: 6 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 5 Ecchi Level: 6