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Love Is A Number of Keys
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Title: Love Is A Number Of Keys
Genre: General Hentai / Romance
Credits: 2002 Wide Road, Five Ways, NuTech

Cover Description: Jyun Amanuma is on his own for the first time. His father transferred overseas for his job, so he moves into an apartment as the apartment manager. One day, he witnesses his tenant having hot sex. The apartment owner tells him that this is a sex service apartment! Every night, all the rooms in the apartment come alive with lustful action! Jyun joins in on the fun! Watch his torried escapades with Sumire, the owner, Marina the waitress, Miki, the nurse, and more sexy beauties!

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

Life (01.21.2003)
Apartment Complex
In our last episode, those who had a chance to rag on Wide Road did it using "Karen" as their "exibit A." Many had wondered why NuTech was using shows from them instead of Pink Pineapple. But one must remember that a company starting out this way is considered in its warm-up stage. And this is a gift to those with the patience and the stamina.

"Love Is A Number Of Keys" is a story about Jyun; living alone for the first time and becoming an assistant apartment manager. He soon finds out, by being a peeping tom mind you, that this particular apartment services sex to people. The ladies do this out of enjoyment, and Sumire (senior manager and A-class sex fiend herself) trusts him with this secret.

Not a problem, right? Jyun means well; he's not the type to jump into the "WHAM-BAM" wagon. More often than not, he lets the sexy ladies jump on him. He ends up getting it on with the hot restaurant waitress Marina. He also ends up dealing with a couple nurses as well. The show's been billed as the "first episode;" so who knows what will happen next.

Wide Road, Five Ways productions, people! Bad but watchable animation. It sounds like NuTech is suffering from the lack of voice actors (despite using name-brand porn stars). Sex herein is portrayed as something that people enjoy doing; not something you can blackmail off of or call your tentacle monster friends for. I would like to see more of this show.

Art/Animation: 4 Story/Plot: 5 Characters: 5 Sounds: 4 Ecchi Level: 7