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Malice@Doll Malice@Doll Malice@Doll Malice@Doll

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Title: Malice@Doll / Malice Doll
Genre: Fantasy / Dark
Credits: 2001 Chiaki J. Konaka, GAGA Communications, Inc. SOEISHINSHA Inc., Digital Amuse, Inc.

Skysenshi's Description: Dolls live in a world of machines where everyone's purpose is to service human desires. Malice@Doll, one of the human-like robot prostitutes, one day discovers that she is malfunctioning. She sets out on a journey to the repairer's domain, but she gets segued by a vision of a blond young girl that leads her into a chamber of surrealistic proportions. She finds herself seized by a multitude of tentacles, causing her "injuries" to aggravate, and eventually leading to her blackout.

When Malice wakes up, she realizes that her body is no longer the same pink-haired mass of mechanical parts. Her skin is suddenly soft, light, and warm. Her hair is a beautiful dark red…and her heart is rapidly engulfed by a host of unfamiliar sensations…

HN Opinions
Average Rating:

skysenshi (10.05.2002)
A hentai brainteaser!
If Serial Experiments Lain (see Otaku Fridge for reference) and Parasite Eve (see Disc13 for further information) would combine into a mutated 3D CG hentai feature, Malice@Doll would be the result. My prayers for a remotely intelligent H anime had been answered, but this title is so much more than what I had originally bargained for. I actually had a splitting headache trying to figure out what its philosophical tale is all about—its point and the message it wants to impart to the viewers.

As usual, my psycho self zeroes in on the moral dilemma. Malice is a machine that has the personality of a normal human, except she doesn't feel any pain or any of the emotions that sometimes cause a regular person to breakdown in despair or laugh out loud in glee. She only recognizes the need for survival, and the lack of means on which she could be maintained. When she turns human, she sees herself exempt from the problems that have afflicted the rest of the robotic community. They need oil, but it seems that a drought has stricken the land. She, on the other hand, now sports a beautiful body that didn't need lubrication. She could feel what she can only experience in dreams. Unfortunately, all the other dolls fear this new Malice. She has become an abomination because she is no longer a robot.

Malice begins to suffer an unbearable ache in her chest, a sign that she is hurting from all the rejection she has been receiving from her former colleagues. This doesn't last long, however, because she figures out a way to make everybody like her and she proceeds to turn the entire community into a living, breathing horde of flesh—many of them are so ghastly misshapen that I was sorely reminded of the mutated mitochondria of Parasite Eve. Nonetheless, for Malice, everything seems fine. Or is it?

In exchange for the wonderful warmth of human flesh and the lack of need for oil, Malice didn't count on physical pain…and the ability to be touched by death. As a doll, she could withstand every humiliation, physical abuse, and eccentricities of her clients. She was resilient, having been created out of tough artificial material. But as a human being, her fragile body can only take so much. Thoroughly bewildered, Malice looks for the source of this nightmare, only to discover that there are more puzzles left for her to solve. Confronting them could either clear her mind or devour her completely.

Malice@Doll doesn't seem like a cheap production, and has in fact been in development since the late 1990s and released in 2001, meaning a lot of brains have been fried in order to come up with this presentation. It has interesting characters from Dorice@Doll the stunning leader, Heather@Doll the maid fantasy, Elza@Doll the lonely and most abused whore, Ammanda@Doll the albino, Misty@Doll the exotic beauty, and Joe@Adminstrator the manager of the entire city who has always held a special fixation for Malice. The music is disturbing, which is perfectly suited Malice@Doll's overall atmosphere. Fly Away, the theme song, is sung in English by Ryoko Kashima. Intertwining these elements provide just the right touch of cuteness in an otherwise grim Alice in Wonderland story.

Art/Animation: 7 Story/Plot: 9 Characters: 9 Sounds: 9 Ecchi Level: 5